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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm back with another Video for you guys and I'm coming to you Guys with a part-time job from one of my Favorite companies and the company is Pathrise okay so just to let you guys Know path rise often has part-time jobs That are very flexible and one reason Why I really like path rise is that Their jobs are great paying jobs all Right so we're going to get into the Details of their part-time application Specialists so before we get into the Part-time job lead I do know that a lot Of you guys that do work part-time are Also working on businesses and have Websites and stuff like that and I Wanted to tell you guys about tidio Because tidio is a great tool that's Going to allow you to engage with your Customers collect leads and grow sales And also improve customer satisfaction Okay as we all know customer service is Extremely important for businesses most Customers expect a business to be Available 24 7 so provide finding great Service can generate more marketing and Sales opportunities and quickly scale Your business and tidio has chat Bots And live chat and I really like it Because it's super easy to use and super

Easy to generate more sales for your Site you'll be able to sell more because Tdo has over 35 Plus ready to use chat Bot templates tailored for different E-commerce scenarios you can turn Passive traffic into active buyers it's Super easy to install gonna take like Under 10 minutes and no coding is Required they even have a knowledge base To help you to get it installed on your Site and they work with most sites as Well so you know this is a great chance To be a part of the customer experience Management future you'll be able to Combine all of your communication Channels into one multi-channel so You'll be able to get back to your Customers via live chat email Facebook Messenger or Instagram so they do have a Completely forever free plan available And you can use that until you decide Which Premium plan makes the most sense For you and your your business now if You do choose a Premium plan you can get 20 off the Premium plan using my code That is going to be on the screen for You guys so definitely go ahead and Check out tdo in the description bar if You want to increase your sales and Improve the customer service on your Site so getting into the details of the Application specialist you will be Building an understanding of a fellow's Profile meaning their resume and their

LinkedIn to help them with their job Search you got to meet with fellows for Working sessions to share best practices For submitting applications and you're Going to source and apply to jobs on Behalf of fellows during the work Sessions you're going to proofread Resumes to make sure they're error free And organized and you're going to make Resume edits per job application to Increase the matching percent for a Target role you're going to write and Send personalized cold Outreach emails On behalf of fellows and run a working Session with a fellow where both of you Are applying to jobs on their behalf as I stated earlier you will have a Flexible schedule and remote work USA And Canada is preferred you're going to Be a part of a really fun and Mission-driven organization now to pay For this job is between 25 to 35 dollars An hour plus a five dollar bonus per Interview generated which is great as Well now in terms of the requirements For this job they want you to have one Plus years of experience working in the Recruiting space or as a coach excellent Written and verbal communication Knowledge of the job search process and Different platforms and the ability to Review resumes and make sound Adjustments another thing I like about Path rides they always have a super

Quick application not going to take you Long to fill it out at all so of course If you're interested in applying for This job you can find the link in the Description bar you guys know if you Have any questions or any comments you Can leave those below and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching I'll See you in my next video and good luck To those who apply for the job

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