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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and back with another Opportunity for you guys and this is Going to be a part-time job slash side Hustle with the company I tutor okay so If you haven't heard of I tutor they do Have lots of tutoring jobs that you can Check out and you'll be able to create Your own schedule teach from home Supplement your income so definitely go Ahead and check out the tutoring jobs That they have but today we're going to Be talking about their music State Certified teacher remote online Part-time tutor job all right you Already know I'm going to go ahead and Get straight into the details and with This job right here you're going to be Delivering virtual academic instruction To assign students and lead them through Successful course completion you'll be Able to engage with them using live Video and audio as well as chat and Maintain ongoing communication with Students through their internal Messaging system so you will be Promoting creativity and excitement in Divert virtual learning environment You're going to create strategies to Engage and nurture student learning You're going to use their virtual

Platform with live two-way audio and Video a virtual whiteboard with drawing And writing tools and document and image And upload features video streaming and Screen sharing capabilities to students Who may be online or on site and if not Provided by the school you will develop Curriculum assigned with state district And grade level standards for the Subject areas being taught you will Communicate regularly with the students Using chat features and you will be Responsible for record keeping on Student grades and the performance okay So you must presently hold an active State issue teaching certification you Must have a minimum of a bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or University in the U.S you must have a Laptop or desktop computer webcam Headset and reliable internet and if you Have prior online teaching experience That's a plus so this shop is going to Pay between 28.35 an hour great pay there and this Is a 1099 independent contractor Position you will have access to a range Of other assignments that match your Certification and all rates will always Be communicated for your consideration Up front of course you'll be able to Teach from home you'll be joining a Community of Educators and you're going To also expand your professional skills

So in terms of the application process You must submit a resume and a copy of Your active certifications as Attachments to your application and Their educator application process also Includes submitting a short demo lesson More detailed info on the demo will be Sent after the initial application is Submitted and for any questions you can Send them to the email there on the Screen let's go ahead and take a look at The application it's pretty basic and Then they are going to ask you a few Questions you will have to let them know Your availability and things like that So of course if you guys are interested In this definitely check it out great Opportunity for those of you who you Know are interested in teaching and you Know want to be able to work on your own Schedule tool so definitely go ahead and Check this out the link will be in the Description bar for you if you have any Questions or any comments you can leave Those below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video and good luck to those Who apply for the job

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