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Happy Saturday two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non-phone Part-time 25 an hour work from home job But before I jump into the video make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this channel not only do we Talk about legit work from home jobs Side gigs and side hustles but guys we Also give away laptops and if you want To win make sure you take the video go Share it with a friend post it on Facebook Snapchat Instagram don't forget To come back and leave us a comment now We have been dropping these work when You want videos be sure to go back guys And check them out and apply don't Forget to hop over to the two chicks With the side hustle.com blog look on The home page and apply for Telus International the Raider position is now Open 14 an hour work when you want let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure guys is To sign up for Branded surveys the link Is in the comments let's jump in so the Company is called fertility Bridge they Are looking to feel this social media Coordinator work from home position it Is part-time independent contractor as You guys can see the pay is 25 an hour The estimated weekly hours are 5 to 20. Now it says as the social media Coordinator working with fertility

Bridge you get to use your hard-earned Skills to create and distribute clever And captivating content related to Reproductive Health now let's scroll on Down I do see here that the outcomes This position will be accountable for Podcast and related content distributed Every week on Instagram Facebook and Linkedin up to 10 different templates Created to use for different types of Inside reproductive Health social media Post a posting schedule for social media Content manage regularly also maximized Engagement based on your research now The qualifications you have experienced Distributing content on social media Sites such as Instagram Facebook and Linkedin you have a solid understanding Of how to use MailChimp software or Similar automation platforms you have In-depth knowledge and operating web Page design platforms such as Squarespace you are organized Self-motivated as well so again the Company guys is fertility Bridge the pay Is 25 an hour and the estimated weekly Hours are 5 to 20 hours a week now this Is a non-phone work from home job the Link is posted on the non-phone blog I Will be sure guys to leave the link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can apply go over to Google do some research about fertility Bridge make sure you jot down any

Important information if you decide to Apply you want to be prepared and not Surprised take my video go post it on Facebook Snapchat Instagram don't forget To come back though guys and leave us a Comment down below also guys don't Forget to join our Facebook group once We reach 250 000 members there will be a Laptop giveaway in the group so come on Over there make sure you join us don't Forget to follow the two chicks with the Side Hustle the Facebook business page Also guys don't forget to follow us on Instagram and on Twitter two chicks with The side hustle my name is Carl and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video and thank you Guys so much to the ones that have been Sharing our content we greatly Appreciate each and every single one of You take care bye [Music]

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