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Hello and good morning welcome back to My Channel or if it's your first time Here welcome my name is CeCe I provide Quick and easy remote job leads to help You make a switch from an office job to A remote work at home job so if you are Looking to make that switch easily click That red subscribe button below so you Never miss an upload I know you guys Have heard of reddit reddit is a Place Full of a lot of crazy things Interesting things threads boards Etc And I wanted to let you know that these Are their current remote job Opportunities that they have listed all Across the globe we're looking at Singapore Germany France the UK then as You scroll down there are some Toronto Canada all over the U.S Vancouver this One is just remote in general so I'm Thinking this one anywhere in the world It's contracted and they just have a lot Of great opportunities in every Different space as you can see they have Engineering then scrolling up design Data data platform data analysis Community and the community Ops which is Just phenomenal so I'm just going to Give you this quick and easy job board It's early I want you guys to be able to Go and find a great lead that matches Your skills your qualifications and what You are looking for so go check out this Job board if you're International they

Pay upwards to 75 per hour for some of These roles and it's really really great There's a lot to up entry level no Experience up to more executive level More experience needed so you just have To do some do diligence but I hope this Helps you find a great job on your own Put you in the right direction if you Want the direct link to this specific Job board I will have it on my website And you can access that in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face on the Screen to subscribe if you haven't Already so you never miss an upload and I will talk to you in my next video bye

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