$25 To $35 Hour As A Deal Entry Specialist With WARNER MUSIC GROUP | Work From Home Job 2023

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with a very exciting work From home job lead for you if you have Any kind of a background in music this Is for you Warner music group is hiring A deal entry specialist now this is a Temporary position but it is remote Within the United States now this is a Temporary position but they're looking For a deal entry specialist to play a Critical role in making sure that their Data on their labels recording Merchandise distribution and Licensing Agreements are all accurate so you'll be Checking that for accuracy you'll work Directly with the business Affairs to Clarify any key terms and answer any Questions that need to be answered so You'll key in all data into their new Rights Administration database which Will flow into several Downstream Systems you'll interface directly with The attorneys to obtain any Clarification on contract correct Language and business practices and You'll submit deals to the business and Legal Affairs to review which includes Making any necessary changes and Resubmitting for approval now working With a big music group sounds so fun to Me but they do prefer somebody who has Three to five years experience in some Kind of contract Administration or Rights Management of course that is not

Required but what is required is that You have first-hand experience Interpreting and some summarizing Various types of entertainment contracts Including record licensing agreements a Merchandise that sort of thing and that You have multitasking abilities and you Don't get your feathers ruffled easily You also have to have strong Interpersonal skills now they are paying Very very well for this position if you Have those skills they're paying Anywhere from 25 to 35 dollars an hour Alright please remember that sharing is Always caring if you found this job lead Or anything that I share how helpful Please give this video a thumbs up like Button and share with your friends and Family so we can all work from home live In our happiest healthiest life thank You so much for watching and supporting Me and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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