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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I'm back with another job For you guys and I hope everybody's Doing good today I'm doing great and Today's job is coming from the company Snap one and they're currently looking For a technical and customer support Specialist to work remotely in the US You guys already know I don't waste any Time let's go ahead and get straight Into the details so you will be engaging With customers via phone email or other Communication channels you'll promptly Contact the customer to ensure full Attention is being given and diagnose Issues with customers to develop plans For resolution you will manage all Escalations for timely execution and Strong record keeping and engage with Existing and or new dealers as needed You will ensure internal customers and Appropriate business lines are involved As necessary and maintained focused on Cost Containment while driving excellent Customer satisfaction so you will need To have a high school diploma or GED Three plus years of experience in a Customer care position proven ability And customer resolution and complex Problem solving experience with Microsoft Office Products and you will Need to have the ability to work 8 AM to 5 PM mountain time they aren't

Specifying if that's Monday through Friday or on the weekends you'll have to Find that out when you go through the Interview process and they will prefer If you had your bachelor's degree in Understanding and or experience in the Technical industry and experience with Software such as sap and Salesforce so Let's take a look at the estimated Salary for this job and according to Glassdoor the shop pays about 55k yearly That is an estimate you will have to get The exact pay from the company here's The application for this job so of Course if you're interested in applying You can find the link in the description Bar you guys know that I wish you the Best of luck leave any questions or Comments below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video

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