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Hello hello United Health Group has Posted another great work from home job Through their optim department and it is An associate clinical administrative Coordinator hiring nationally remote so Absolutely love to see it we scroll Through here there is a lot to take in So I'm just going to hit you with the Key points not monologue waste your time Anything I miss feel free to go back and Read on your own so do you enjoy a Flexibility to telecommute from anywhere In the U.S this is for you 40 hours per Week Monday through Friday eight hour Shifts during normal business hours 1 pm Through 9 30 PM CST Central Standard Time given the business need you may Work occasional overtime so the Responsibilities are as follows perform Duties promote a positive attitude Adhere to organizational compliance Regulatory policy manage the inbound and Outbound telephone as well as fax email Electronic communication enter and Review and verify member info enter the Required data into the database complete Administrative documentation assist in a Smooth coordination of members establish Relationships triage inbound calls run And or review reports follow the chain Of command and attend the meetings as Requested so very straightforward Customer service role all you need is a High school diploma or a GED equivalent

One-year customer service and the Ability to edit create and save and send Documents using word in Excel of course These are the preferred qualifications If you have any of these list them and Bring them up experience with Medicare Medicaid experience in a healthcare Industry clerical or administrative Support background knowledge of ICD-9 And CPT codes as it is a health-based Company and call center experience the Telecommuting you must have a dedicated Workspace you can keep all documents Sensitive and you can get the approved High-speed internet soft skills and Physical work skills here they're just Dating a be looking at a screen you may Be remaining stationary and then Obviously soft skills critical thinking Communication skills verbal skills all Of that so very straightforward to the Point here they have to be open about Their rates of pay due to these certain States tax laws so we're looking Anywhere between 16 to 21 it's Definitely going to be based off your Geographical location Your skills and qualifications and how Much you ask for I don't think a lot of People know this you can ask for a rate Of pay and majority of the time they Will either counter offer you back Something higher still than what they're Offering or they will accept it right

Off the bat so do keep that in mind keep Validating Or not validating I'm sorry keep what's The word I'm looking for where you um Not justifying yourselves there's a word I'm looking keep advocating please keep Advocating for yourself and asking and Speaking up because those who ask get Closed mouths don't get fed so do keep That in mind something to do if you guys Want the link to apply for this job you Can find it in the description box below If this one wasn't for you on your Screen or two other videos check those Out you might find a better more perfect Match for yourself there or more to Apply to my face is on the screen for You to subscribe if you still have not I Love you so much good luck and I will Talk to you guys later bye

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