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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with the last job for today And this is a high paying work from home Job and it is non-phone guys so make Sure you guys apply for this one but Before I jump into the video if you are Looking for more non-phone jobs or skip The interview side hustles and we do Post a lot of these on this channel we Also have a Blog so make sure you guys Hop over there check it out at Non-phoneworkathome.com let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For be sure to smash the red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share because On this channel guys we do real Giveaways and we give away laptops and Anybody can win go spread the word tell A friend we're giving away 10 of them so Let your friends and family members know What we do on this channel and leave us A comment down below don't forget to go Back check out all the the videos that Were posted on the channel today make Sure you guys hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section and apply for Omni and Sure guys you signed up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comments let's get into it the company Is Zillow and they are trying to feel

This position for their people Operations coordinator so guys this is a Full-time job it says here that you will Maintain the people operations Servicenow ticketing cue so you are Resolving tickets within 24 to 72 hours I do see here that you will coordinate Transactional based tasks prepare and Complete time sensitive documents forms Letters and paperwork accurately and Route to appropriate teams for further Processing in a timely manner prepare Off-boarding documents and also Paperwork respond to and complete Employment verifications and Unemployment claims apply the highest Level of confidentiality regarding Sensitive info and employee and Candidate records assist with Administration of HR programs policies And and processes to improve our overall Employee experience demonstrate strong Ability to effectively partner with Other teams and operations so I want to Get down here I see a pay range now It does state in Colorado Connecticut Nevada New York the standard base pay Range for this row is 22 to 33 dollars Per hour so those other states have to Be somewhere included in this pay range As well now I do see here guys strong Customer service communication written Variable attention to detail and time Management skills track record of

Accuracy must be highly organized Self-motivated ability to prioritize Recognize immediate needs proven track Record of picking up new processing Systems and office support technology Strong teamwork ability to communicate Clearly orally and written in writing I'm sorry in a professional and Effective manner now I don't see where You need a degree for this one which is A great thing and I believe you guys can Live anywhere in the USA to work for Zillow but however I'm not a hundred Percent sure so that is where you guys Come in because we do ask that you Please please please do your own Research know something about the Company you just might get an interview And they may ask what do you guys know About Zillow so you want to be prepared And not surprised I tell we tell Everybody this make sure you go over to Google type in Zillow see what comes up Learn something about the company when Did the company open who's the owner of The company they may ask these questions Guys and you want to be prepared when They do so make sure you guys do some Research on this one the link will be Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can apply Make sure you share this awesome video With your friends and family members and Come back and leave us a comment and

Then hop over to Facebook join the group KISS that cubicle goodbye make sure you Guys follow us on our other social media Platforms and we do have a Facebook Business page guys make sure you go over There and follow that page because we're Giving away two brand new laptop Computers over on that page as well and They are absolutely free to you guys all You have to do is just take the post Share the post and then leave us a Comment or you can tag your friends Family members On the post and that is a way of sharing As well and then follow us over on Instagram Tick Tock and Twitter we are Trying to build up those platforms and On Instagram we are going to do a pop-up Giveaway so you guys want to be a part Of that so go over to Instagram if you Don't have an Instagram create one Follow us and then start sharing or Tagging your people over there on their Platform leave us some comments guys Because we are going to pop over there And do a giveaway I don't know what We're giving away it could be money Could be gift cards it could be some Work from home related things like a Keyboard a mouse pad things like that so Make sure you guys are following us over There my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people in The next video bye


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