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[Music] Thank you hey welcome my name is Shea From dreamhomebasework.com make sure you Hit that subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel Hey welcome back everyone today I would Like to share a typing job that I was Able to find online you will be able to Work from home on your own schedule so Keep watching to learn more about this Role The company that I would like to share With you is escribers this company is Known for legal transcription and Court Reporting jobs they will offer the Flexibility for you to work whenever you Want and they have worked with over 1 000 contractors across the United States They will recruit you with and without Prior experience so no experience is Needed in order to work for this company But it is helpful if you have you know Some prior transcription experience now They do pay their contractors weekly And they will offer you bonus Opportunities now on their website you Know you will notice that they will have In bold that they do not charge a fee Because some of these typing jobs and Some of these typing platforms they will Charge a fee for you to work on the Website so there is no fee involved you

Will be able to work flexible hours they Will also offer help to you so you can Be able to earn more if you are Wondering if legal transcription is the Right job for you if you are a fast and Accurate typist then yes this could be An excellent choice however you need to Have outstanding listening skills you Must be able to listen to audio files And type out accurately what you hear Here are several requirements that you Must meet you must have a Windows based Computer that has Microsoft Word 2010 or Higher you must have high-speed internet You must understand and use correct English punctuation you must be Comfortable with researching names and Terms on the internet you must be Committed to proofing your work to audio To ensure files are at as accurate as Possible you must meet all deadlines be Able to upload and download files from Your computer you must be legally Eligible to work in the United States And you must have a current U.S bank Account in order to receive payments From this company so if you are ready to Apply you will go ahead and hit the Start application button here on the Website then you will go down to legal Transcriber on their job posting they Will have you know more information About the role this is a contract role That means you are responsible for

Managing your own taxes they have some You know more requirements here you must Be able to type at least 65 words per Minute have exceptional listening skills Like I stated before you are compensated On a per word or per page basis so it is Not per hour it is per word or per page You are able to type out and complete Along with the computer requirements That I mentioned before they do want you To have a USB foot pedal which is Something that you can purchase on Amazon I recommend not spending no more Than you know sixty five dollars a foot Pedal does make it very easy to start And stop audio files while you are Listening to them so if you are curious What would I need a USB foot pedal for That is why So yes you can just go on to Amazon or Any online Store and type in USB foot Pedal and browse through the ones that They have available So definitely you know you can scroll Down and you know fill out their Application here you know fill out your First name last name email address phone Number and you must attach a resume And a cover letter Also you must fill out all of the Remaining details here you know as far As your address Um you know zip code have you ever Worked as a transcriber a proofreader

You know select those answers as well as Check all areas that you have worked in Go ahead and fill out their application And apply online today I would like to Share a few more online typing jobs for Those that are looking for something That does not require any experience the First company is Rev they require you Just to have strong English skills a Computer and reliable internet you will Get paid weekly around 245 dollars per month is the average Earnings so I would only consider this As part-time income just something that You can do on the side on this website You will also listen to audio files and Type out what you hear rev makes it easy For you to get started in three easy Steps you will sign up then get approved They will require you to take a little Quiz once you get approved you will be Able to automatically start searching For transcription jobs and then you will Get paid weekly via PayPal so it is Important for you to have an active PayPal account in order to receive Payments now you don't need a USB Headset for this particular I'm sorry a USB foot pedal for this job you know They only really want you to have an Updated computer with high-speed Internet in order to perform the job so Yes you can get started on their Official website the next company is

Babel type they are always looking for Transcribers as well as translators to Work from home they will require you to Also have an updated computer with High-speed internet you must have great Listening skills and also the ability to Understand English you know that is Really important for this website now They do hire in multiple countries United States Canada United Kingdom Ireland Australia and New Zealand they Are not hiring right now in California So if you are in the U.S they are not Hiring in that state also they do have a Little video right here for you to check Out to learn more about the company Thank you guys so much for tuning in Thus far I also want to say thank you Again to you guys for helping me reach 170 000 subscribers I really appreciate Everyone for sticking with this channel Also make sure you share this video with Your family and friends and give it a Thumbs up I wish you guys nothing but The best and enjoy the rest of your week Take care If you are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guy 20 beginner Friendly ways to make money online with 150 companies I made sure that I did all The research for you guys I researched Over 150 companies that you guys can be Able to sign up with apply with also

You'll be able to learn different ways To avoid scams how to identify if a Company is legitimate or not you know Different sites that you can be able to Check you'll find a lot of good nuggets In this video whether you are a teen Stay-at-home mom you are retired and you Just wanted to transition to working From home so make sure you pick up that Guide I'll leave my link in the Description box below I appreciate you Guys for watching take care guys Hey welcome everyone I am back today With some more hot to work from home job Alerts today I've found a couple of Different positions that does not Involve a phone or experience and you Can be able to work from home part-time On your own schedule so keep watching to Learn more [Music]

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