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Hey hey two chicks fam it is me Carl I Am back with another work from home Video but before I jump in now we did a Live stream last night guys and we Talked about some interesting side Hustles that nobody really knew ever Existed so make sure you guys go back And check out that video make sure you Share you can make up to two thousand Dollars per month off of these side Hustles make sure you smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification thumbs up the video guys And make sure you share on this channel Guys we talk about all things work from Home related jobs side gig side hustles Ways to make extra cash and we also do Giveaways so we're giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers free Absolutely free everything is paid for All you guys have to do is take my video Go share it go tell a friend go spread The word come back leave me a comment Don't forget to hop over to the two Chicks blog I'm the internet actions Guys people are getting hired this is a Beginner friendly company the link is Posted right below the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply today And don't forget guys to sign up for Branded surveys the link is down below In the comment section and let us know Why you're down there what type of work From home job you guys are looking for

Let's jump into this video so the Company is called fire gang Dental Marketing they are looking to feel their Client success team support position the Reason why I chose this one guys is Because this one this is a remote Position and you can live anywhere in The U.S so we do get a lot of people Asking about companies that hire in California New York New Jersey Illinois Connecticut Ohio Washington guys if you Live in these states you can apply for This job so it stays here as a client Support to success team support you will Be working closely with our client Success team to provide up-to-date Information marketing performance and to Identify and troubleshoot issues as they Arise you'll be a crucial part of the Team that will rely on you to provide Them with the accurate data so that they Can share it with the clients now your Responsibility is note you will be Trained on all of these guys so it says Create monthly performance reports for The clients dentists and dental offices These reports communicate results from Marketing efforts including SEO Google Ads Facebook marketing and call Reporting update training documentation On internal processes as our procedures Are constantly changing and improving Complete client competitor analysis Research via Google and Yelp researching

Dental websites and making phone calls You will have to complete verification Tasks also is needed these will be accom Accomplished via the phone and email Cross-trained with our quality assurance Department as a backup for phone calls Web leads and website reviews Cross-train on client onboarding to Support client success and the Onboarding team now Requirements are meticulous eye for Detail proven ability at self-educating Able to provide accurate data that is Clearly communicated and meets the set Deadlines you are a fast learner who Isn't afraid to ask questions experience In some type of reporting and or data Management excels at and also enjoys Repetitive tasks a proactive attitude a Problem solver who enjoys researching And providing Solutions and you are a Team player as well as a self-motivated Type of person and you can work Independently now this is relevant Experience It does say PowerPoint or Google Slides This is required Um Excel or Google Sheets also required The rest of these guys are just Preferred so if you don't have the Google Google analytics the Google AdWords they're going to train you on This position so I wouldn't worry too Much about that benefits full-time

Hourly position 100 telecommute PPO Health benefits medical and dental also 401K which is great generous PTO and They also guys are going to give you Guys life accidental death short and Long-term disability insurances now Let's jump back to the pay the pay for This one is 15 to 18 dollars per hour Guys per hour so that's not bad at all And I did not see where you need a Degree to apply for this job so again The company is called fire gang Dental Marketing they're trying to feel their Clients success team support position no Degree guys it says that they're going To train you on all of these right here So I wouldn't worry too much about the Google ads the Facebook marketing and Things like that the SEO and the great Thing is you can be located anywhere in The U.S so this is I'm excited to roll Out this company to you guys for those Of you that live in California and New York and some of these other hard to Find States I am excited guys that you Can apply for this job if you know Someone guys and you don't think that This job is a good fit for you however You know someone that may be looking for A full-time work from home job that pays 15 to 18 an hour don't hesitate to share My video with that person now there will Be a link posted right below the video In the description box so you guys can

Apply make sure you go over to Google Type in the company's name if you are Going to apply for this job my tip would Be be prepared not surprised meaning go Over to Google get some information About the company just in case case you Get an interview you never know they Might ask you what do you know about our Company when was our company founded Sometimes they do those little test Questions to see if you guys have done Any homework about the company that You're applying for so make sure You go over to Google type in the Company's name jot down the information In this way once you get that email for An interview you're already prepared you Readily have the information available Right in front of you once you're on That interview and they ask that Question bam you can give that answer Right away so make sure you guys keep That in mind make sure you share my Video leave me a comment again we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers we've already given away 12 so We're going to give away 10 more we're Trying to get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of the year Let's make it happen guys go tell a Friend go spread the word share share Share and leave us a comment down below And then you want to hop on over to Facebook join our group the name of our

Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you guys follow us over on our Facebook business page and it is two Chicks with a side hustle because guys We are giving away two additional Laptops on that platform so make sure You guys have up over there start Sharing tagging whatever it is you guys Have to do because we're giving away two Additional laptops over on their Platform guys again it is two chicks With a side hustle on Facebook and you Guys can tag and share to groups also Over on that page make sure you follow Us on Instagram two chicks with a side Hustle we have an additional giveaway Going on on that platform so again hop Over to Instagram create an account if You don't have one and follow us we're Doing a live stream on Instagram so it's Going to be a little bit different Because we're just gonna pop up over There on the live stream and start doing The giveaway I have no idea what we're Going to give away guys but it will be Something nice of course it could be a Laptop stand it could be a laptop it Could be a ring light it could be a Keyboard a mouse pad it could be a Hundred dollar Walmart gift card you Just never know my name is Carl I'll Catch you wonderful lovely people in the Next video bye Bye YouTube

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