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Today I have three no phone fully remote Jobs for you these are new jobs that I Have never told you about before the First company is Agia affinity and in This job you're going to be a Proofreader they're seeking a Detail-oriented proofreader to support Time sensitive proofreading requests for Marketing materials the proofreader Reviews agia's marketing materials for Grammar and punctuation to ensure that All marketing or corporate materials are Accurate and production ready so you're Going to need really good grammar and Editing skills in this position Proofreaders review prior to the Implementation of marketing campaigns Including Direct Mail Packages Collateral materials emails Etc so what You're going to be doing is proofreading All these different things and making Sure that the spelling is correct on the Site that the grammar is correct the Punctuation is correct the proofreader Should expect to work an average of four Hours per week in a fully remote Capacity all materials sent for proofing Are to be returned within 24 hours with A hundred percent accuracy now when You're ready to apply you're going to Hit that apply with indeed button and I Am going to give you the link to this Site you're going to put in your first Name your last name email and phone

Number and what you will be doing you're Going to proofread the AGM material Marketing materials websites and other Items as needed check for correct Grammar and language calculate and check Rates when needed review client specific Information for accuracy against agious Guidelines so what you should have they Would like you to have an associate's Degree two years in the editing industry English lingering grammar that's good Intermediate in Microsoft Office Adobe Gmail and a personal computer with Internet connectivity and the ability to Download Adobe and it did cut off here But they are paying 27.50 to start per hour so not a bad Starting pay there the second company is With sella and this is another Proofreading copy editor remote job You're going to hit that apply button When you're ready to apply but in this Job they're going to pay you around 30 To 40 dollars per hour as a freelance Proofreader their delivery team is Building a team for various client needs And projects the role does require Proofreading and copy editing experience This role is ad hoc Project based and Paid on a W-2 hourly basis the role is Fully remote but requires you to be in The US with flexible time zone hours Some of the main responsibilities in This one are going to be similar to the

Last job accuracy of references web Addresses phone numbers footnotes Compliance with their guidelines Consistency and accuracy of layout Components ensure all client annotations Are understood and addressed as Necessary copy editing assistance to Improve content and readability and Provide final sign off forward the Proofreading of projects prior to client Release and they have a little bit Higher qualification requirement a Bachelor's in communication journalism Or English or equivalent so if you don't Have one in those particular studies if You have a bachelor's in something else You can still apply and give it a try Five plus years of professional level Proofreading experience corporate In-house advertising experience project Management tool experience and Ms office And the last job is with user lytics now The nice thing about this job is anyone Can do this this is an entry level type Position because really anyone who can Search the internet can apply to work With this company it is a freelance Position and what you're going to be Doing is you're going to be testing Websites software Etc with userlytics And the usability testing is simple and Fun you can do it from your phone tablet Or computer in the comfort of your home Or at your preferred location not only

Do you get paid to test but you learn Something new every time and get a sneak Peek of what the TR of what the brands You love most are working on even better You will play a vital role in making the World a more user friendly one so you're Going to click on the start earning There and set up a profile or if you Already have a profile you'll hit login If you have extra questions after this Video you can hit that frequently asked Questions section as well so what you Will be doing an example of a past user Experience includes register for an Account on a client website log in fill In your profile and add a friend these Are the type of things you'll be doing You're basically just testing the Website to make sure that when someone Logs into that website the website is Actually performing as expected during a User test you'll need to follow the Usability test instructions as provided By the client it's important that you Speak your thoughts as loud as you can And follow the instructions try speaking And sharing your thoughts aloud during The entire user experience test some User tests require a webcam view some do Not for those that do it's important That it shows your face clearly so you Will be on audio because you're going to Be talking through the whole process Letting them know how things are working

Are they working well are they not Working well it's almost as if you were Sitting at your computer logging onto a Site and you're talking to yourself as You're getting frustrated or if you like The site that way they can tell exactly What they need to fix in their site or What things are working what kind of User experience questions will you be Asked you'll be asked for your opinion On things such as site navigation Overall concept and ease of use and Intuitiveness design video colors layout Specific processes such as checkout Login registration search utilities if You would use the site or recommend it To a friend if you remember a certain Image or concept or what you think it Meant now there's going to be three Steps to start testing first you're Going to sign in you're going to Complete your profile make sure that When you're completing your profile that You are as honest as possible because You're gonna get a sign test according To your preferences and your profile After that you're going to receive an Invitation to complete a test once you Receive a steady invitation your task is Simple just perform a few simple Activities while communicating your Thoughts out loud once your test has Been uploaded successfully and approved You'll earn between five dollars and

Ninety dollars depending on the length Of the test which you will receive in Your PayPal account at the end of the Week if you are ready to start testing You're going to hit that start testing Now button and it's going to bring you To the page where you can start Completing your profile alright guys I Wish you the best of luck in these three Positions and I will be back again soon With more videos on working from home I Hope you have a great day bye

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