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In today's video I have three brand new Remote jobs that require no talking on The phone no interview no experience and No resume and you can work them around Your schedule Hey guys it's Suzanne today I have three Remote jobs for you the first one is With the company live exchange they Offer gig work if you enjoy working from Home take control over your own work Schedule the gig CX Marketplace connects You with flexible work opportunities With established Brands now when you're Ready to look at their jobs you're going To click on that find gigs link but First let me tell you a little bit about This company how it works the gig CX Marketplace has work from home Opportunities from all kinds of Companies from around the world finally Real jobs from the comfort of your own Home office their job is to support you In your journey from home there's four Steps for you to sign up Step One is Sign up for free find gigs that interest You on the gig CX Marketplace create Your account profile and apply to gigs From home it's that simple get Interviewed negotiate your rate and Start working as many hours as you like The gig CX Marketplace charges a small Admin and Licensing fee for using their Software but the good news is there are A lot of Gigs available number two apply

For gigs browse and apply to the many Gig postings in the CX Marketplace their Support team is there to help you every Step of the way from testing your home Internet and computer to assisting you With registering for training and Applying to your first gig they help you Succeed every step of the way number Three build your schedules start earning Today build and manage your work Schedule around your personal needs Whether you want to work full-time or Part-time the gig CX Marketplace gives You the flexibility to build your gig Client base your way Empower yourself And take charge of your career path and Last get paid collect gig earnings Directly into your bank account their Gig CX Marketplace partner pay shark Ensures you get paid on time pick your Bank account and pay shark does the rest Collections is reliable on time and Invoices are easily tracked on the System some of the top brands they work With are Pizza Hut Lifeworks and today's Shopping choice and they pay up to 17 Dollars per hour remote job number two Is play test cloud playtest cloud was Created to help game developers learn More about what players think about Their games and if there are any issues That need to be addressed for you it's a Chance to make some money on the side While improving mobile games how do you

Become a play tester sign up above and Then you'll get a short unpaid Qualification test which shows you how To be a tester and then you'll be able To play test this qualification test is To determine your eligibility in joining The playtest cloud tester panel when you Become part of the tester panel you'll Start receiving the real play test that You get paid for if you have any Questions you should check more of their FAQ for testers how much will you earn The reward payment for each play test Can vary depending on the task required During the play test and the length of The play test itself they will always Let you know how much the reward payment Is in the invitation email they send you Keep in mind the qualification test is Unpaid generally a 15-minute play test And Survey will have a reward of nine Dollars U.S SD so if you were to get Offered for in an hour that would be 36 Dollars per hour but if you're ever Unsure please check the invitation email For the reward amount and when will you Get paid they try to process payments For play tests as soon as possible after They've been reviewed so you should not Have to wait more than a few days to be Paid there is no minimum amount that you Need to reach to be paid how to apply Sign up below if you're eligible they'll Send you their qualification test you'll

Take that test it teaches you how to Play test if you fail the qualification Test don't worry you can retake it after You qualify they'll invite you to play Tests where you can earn money and when You're ready to sign up you're going to Enter your email address they'll send You play tests to that address so make Sure you give them a valid email put in Your full name put in the games that you Like to play at least weekly for Instance Bejeweled Blitz Call of Duty Really they're going to look at all of These different games that you play and They're probably going to select these Type of games to send you to test and Then you're going to get this prompt Please add the devices you own to your Profile if you don't have any devices You won't be able to play any of the Play test so you need to let them know Do you have an iPhone IOS an Android or Other please add all devices you own be Sure to include an iOS or Android device As they don't have play test for Consoles or PCS only at the moment You're going to put in what country you Live in there your gender your birth Date and whether or not you want to Receive monthly news about play testing And new games And then lastly you're going to agree to The terms of service and privacy policy Make sure you read those thoroughly and

You're going to click Start testing Games and then you are going to get that Qualification test sent to you the last Company is user testing it is the Ultimate side hustle get paid to share Your perspective share your perspective On products and experiences and make Money online in your spare time so to Get started you're going to put your Email address in there and you're going To read through their terms of use and Their privacy policy and click that if You agree here's how it works influence The biggest Brand's latest Technologies And Innovative companies while earning Money online in your spare time first You're going to apply by submitting your Email and take a quick practice test to Join their Global Network of trusted Contributors to you're going to browse By answering screening questions to Match with test opportunities new tests Are released all the time third you're Going to take their tests share your Perspectives via tests you match with And help best-in-class Brands improve Their products and services and fourth You're going to make money online get Rewarded for different types of tests Your test feed will show you the amount You'll get paid for each test so how Much can you earn what are the rates the Payment for each test varies depending Upon the type and duration of the test

Generally the pay for each test varies Between three dollars and sixty dollars The average payment is ten dollars per Test they pay ten dollars for every 20 Minute video you complete they're going To pay you through PayPal so make sure You have a valid PayPal account alright Guys if you're interested in one of These opportunities I'm going to put the Instructions to apply down in the Description for you go ahead and try These out let me know how it goes and I'll see you all next week good luck

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