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Hey there what is up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new and it's your First time hello and welcome I am so Happy to have you here my name is CeCe I Post daily work from home job leads that Are going to help you transition from an Office job to a remote job at the Comfort of your own home office coffee Shop wherever you want to work I also Post side hustles to make you money ways To help you make extra cash quick and Fast especially with the holidays coming Up basically anything to help you make Some money on your own terms and find That Financial Freedom so if that's what You're looking to do click that red Subscribe button below and let me help You get hired this is through Meridian Link it is a client support specialist There was no rate of pay listed so I'm Going to go ahead and pop an estimate on The screen for you guys which you've Already seen in the title but I always Like to provide some proof and receipts Of those estimates I always say too keep In mind it's an estimate you need to Confirm with the hiring manager it could Be more it could be less it could be the Same but it offers Aid to let you guys Know if it's worth your time and buying Or not so feel free to reach out to the Hiring managers before applying or ask During your interview it never hurts to Ask about the pay I think a lot of

People get scared like will it ruin my Chances of getting the job and the Answer is no you deserve to know what The rate of pay is and there is nothing That will be unprofessional about asking As it is a crucial part of the job so Client support specialist there's a lot To go through here I'm going to skim Through and summarize anything I miss go Back and read on your own time I just Don't want to be sitting here forever so The position summary this is an entry Level position which provides tech Support and customer service to the Clients what you will be doing is Service incoming electronic cases Telephone and online chat requests from The clients you're going to resolve Basic to moderately complex issues with The software provide answers to the Clients by identifying the problems Researching answers and guiding them Through the corrective steps collaborate With Meridian link resources when Necessary three log all the customer Interactions and track related details In the case management system build and Maintain proficiency with the products And the processes contribute to Knowledge-based material as well as to Accomplish team goals and other duties And projects can be assigned for Qualifications they either want you to Have a bachelor's degree from an

Accredited college University in a Software related field or equivalent Technical experience so you do need to Have either the supplemental experience In the job field or degree so in lieu of Degree they will take obviously software Related field experience you need to Have solid interpersonal written in Verbal communication skills Self-motivated highly organized prior Tech Support and customer service is Desired and familiarity with credit Application loan underwriting and credit Scoring processes is a plus you can read About their company culture what they do They will run a background check credit Check and drug test best and they are Very upfront about that so I've talked About previously that your credit score Might be hindering you from getting a Job and it's not illegal because you are Providing them the information to run a Credit check and there's a lot in the Fine print when you do send an Application you don't see so if you Would like more information about how to Raise your credit I did a whole video About getting your credit score up and Why businesses won't hire you based off Your credit score so I will have that in A card on the screen as well as link That below but if you would like to Apply for this job you can find the link To do so on my website work from home

With cc.com job leads that will also be In the description box below if this one Was not for you on your screen are two Other videos I've also posted check Those out you might find a better match For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss another Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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