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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you now this one is a Little bit different even though the job Title is Solutions support specialist This is not a customer service role Where you're going to be taking inbound Calls what it is is you are basically a Support person for the internal Employees and your teammates that you'll Be working with and they work with the Customers so you'll help them basically Brainstorm different solutions to the Customers problems when they can't Figure out the issue themselves so You'll actually be working internally With the other employees and not with The customers we're gonna dive all into It just know if you're interested in Applying the links to this page are in The YouTube description box below this Video now the company muckrack again They're hiring a solution support Specialist muckrack is a software as a Solution platform for public relations And communication professionals but they Are looking for somebody to serve as an Internal subject matter expert to help Internal team members navigate more Challenging conversations with prospects And customers so if you are great at Looking at a situation and coming up With the right words to say or the right Things to do this might be the perfect

Position for you you'll serve as a Crucial resource for those internal team Members as they guide prospects and Customers through the evaluation process Of the product you'll directly and Indirectly support the customers through The sales process by addressing any Technical objections and providing Assistance to your again internal team And members you'll act as the go between Person or liaison between the product Marketing and sales teams by sharing Customer feedback to help influence the Product roadmap you'll also be training In educate the internal employees on the Latest muckrack product offerings and Features so you are there to help the Employees come up with Solutions when They cannot brainstorm and think of Anything their self two heads are always Better than one and you're also there to Learn more about the products and Offerings and train the internal Employees so you are basically the Customer support for the internal Employees now they do not require any Kind of college degree a course that's Always preferred but they're looking for Someone who has two to three years of Professional experience with at least a One year in some kind of a technical Sales consult development or support Role they want somebody who has worked With slack Zoom or some kind of ticket

Managing a system before someone who has A strong track record of working in Customer facing roles so if you've ever Been a server server or worked in retail Done any kind of customer support so one Of those great time management skills And great into her personal skills since You're going to be working with the Other employees you also need to be able To be a problem solver and have a Creative approach to solving different Problems now if that is you and you are A great brainstormer this job is paying Very very well anywhere from thirty Dollars an hour all the way up to 33 Dollars an hour all right as always if This job lead was not for you that's Okay please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for I am always reading those And keeping that in mind thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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