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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another video for you guys and in This video right here I want to talk to You guys about some of the best and Worst side hustles and I've done all of These side hustles in my over a decade Of working from home I was like you know What let me come to them with a video Just letting them know what I feel like Are some of the best and some of the Worst so when I'm gonna mention the Worst I'm not gonna say that they're Horrible side hustles or anything I just Feel like there may be better and more Efficient ways for you to make money any Resources that I mentioned in this video Any you know side hustles that I Mentioned if there are links where you Can sign up and stuff like that you'll Definitely find those in the description Bar this is just for informational Purposes only just getting that Information from someone who's done These side hustles and giving you guys You know my pros and cons and what I Think about each one okay so let's go Ahead and get straight into it let's Start off with what I feel like is one Of the best side hustles okay and what I Feel like is one of the best side

Hustles is you YouTube okay so you may Not want to hear that but YouTube to me Is the ultimate side hustle you can make Good money and depending on what type of Channel you have you don't have to put In a ton of effort and time so to me a Good side hustle is a side hustle where You don't have to spend a whole lot of Time and it gives you a great bang for Your buck so just to give you guys a Little bit of Education about YouTube When it comes down to YouTube each Channel and each different you know Niche or Niche or whatever however you Say the word each Channel each Niche has A different RPM okay and RPM it's how Much money you make every thousand views So some channels and some you know Categories make more money per thousand Views than others so you can make thirty Dollars per thousand views you can make Three dollars per thousand views you can Make 18 per thousand views it's really Just gonna depend on the channel and you Know what type of Channel you have Okay So let's just say it's a channel where You don't show your face or anything Like that it your videos are between Three and five minutes long and you know You upload a couple times a week and you Get several thousand views on each video You can be bringing in between hundreds To thousands of dollars a month just From those videos and just from you know

That source so another thing that makes YouTube a really great side hustle and One of the best side hustles is because Along with your YouTube ad Revenue that You get over time you can also get Sponsorships and you can also get Affiliate pay as well okay so you can Start making affiliate pay before your Channel even earns money via ad revenue And you can get sponsorships before your Channel even earns money via ad Revenue Okay so with my channel I think it took About three years for me to get my first YouTube check but prior to me getting my First YouTube check I was getting some Small sponsorships whether it was a Hundred dollars fifty dollars whatever It was I had also signed up for Amazon Associates and I was getting affiliate Pay off of the different you know Products that I'm a feature in my videos Because if you didn't know my channel Started off as a hair review channel so You know I would get sponsorships for Wig reviews I would also link you know The different products that I use in my Hair reviews I would also link those Products in the description bar and if People click that will get a percentage Of the sale so let's talk about some of The kinds of YouTube you can get to a Point where you're making full-time Money on YouTube you're making big money On YouTube I mean more than you've ever

Made on your full-time job life-changing Money I feel like no matter how much Money you make on YouTube even if you Get to a point where you're making Really really good money which we've all Been there I feel like you should still Treat YouTube as a side hustle because Unfortunately nobody's Channel stays on Top forever like it may seem like it Things go up things go down when you Have that big shift in your income it Can be a big blow to you and you want to Make sure that you're prepared for that So another kind about YouTube is you Know if you allow yourself to be like a Slave to the algorithm you'll always be A slave to the algor Rhythm if you get To a point where what you were doing Before it doesn't work then you got to Kind of switch it up I don't allow Myself to be a slave to anything I'm Gonna do my videos the way that I want To do them that's comfortable for me I'm Not going to jump through hoops to try To get views and to try to keep up with The algorithm I mean it's just not it's Just not healthy for you mentally and It's just not something that I'm willing To do so you know you will find yourself Being a slave to the algorithm if you Allow yourself to be make sure that You're always stand true and doing you Know what you want to do and doing you No matter what and you'll be good to go

Number two on my list for best side Hustles that I've ever done I'm gonna Say mystery shopping is number two okay So I don't do mystery shopping as much As I used to because so many things have Changed since the pandemic I mean the Banking shops that I used to do some of The banks no longer work with the Company that I Mystery Shop with I mean It's just a lot going on so I don't do Those as much as I used to you have to Make an appointment now to do a banking Shop it's just it's just a lot going on But I still would say that mystery Shopping is one of the best side hustles Because number one you can get paid to Do things that you do already like go to The grocery store go get some fast food Eat out at a restaurant and with this Day and age with money being tight and Stuff like that you know if you can go Somewhere do a Mystery Shop get a meal And then get reimbursed for that meal And get paid for the Mystery Shop I mean Why not do that you know what I mean so Another great thing that I love about Mystery shopping is you are in control Of the shops that you choose and you can Work with multiple mystery shopping Companies and you can schedule all of Those shops you know in the same area Within a few miles of each other because You don't want to be using up all your Gas you know running around doing

Mystery shopping because gas is Expensive so you can schedule different Shops with different companies all in The same you know five to ten mile Radius and bust all of those mystery Shops down in the same day and make some Pretty decent money okay so most mystery Shops are going to pay between you know 10 and maybe 25 dollars you do four 25 Mystery shops in the same area get all Of those done within an hour an hour and A half that's some pretty decent money And then you also have to do the report Once you become a regular mystery Shopper you'll be busting those reports Down super quick it's not going to take You but maybe five to you know five to Seven minutes to complete your reports Depending on how detailed they are and You know you'll be able to see the Details of the different reports and Stuff before you even you know sign up For the shop but once you get used to Mystery shopping you just kind of know How to do it and I like to do low effort Mystery Shop so gas station mystery Shops where you have to go inside and You have to you know audit this and Audit that to me those are not low Effort low effort mystery shops to me Are ones where you go into the bank you Inquire about a checking account you Don't actually open an account you just Inquire about a checking account or also

The different banking shops where if you Have an account with the bank go through The teller money you make a deposit like Super quick shops you know what I mean The fast food shops where you just go Through the drive-through order Something real quick or you know the Fast food shops where you take a picture Of the drive-through menu super quick to Me you know like my personality is Straight to the point like that's not Just how I am on YouTube that's not just How I do my videos that's who I am in General let's get it straight to the Point let's get this done you know what I mean so I just like to do stuff that's Going to be quick and straight to the Point and also gonna make some decent Money in a short period of time very Little gas being used very little wear And tear on the car and very little Effort some of the best companies to do Mystery shops with are going to be Presto presto has shops that will allow You to get paid within a couple of days Market Force is really good they have Those grocery store mystery shops those Restaurant mystery shops also ipsos is Pretty good too okay so let's get into The kinds of mystery shopping if you Want to kind of maximize your money you Do need to sign up with multiple Companies like I said so that you can do Multiple mystery shops in the same area

And like I said they will be with Different companies and stuff like that Now one major kind with mystery shopping Is it can take a while to get paid so You know mystery shops tend to pay out Between two to one month after you've Done the Mystery Shop so you're not Going to get that money right away so You know definitely don't be depending On that money like that so the third Best side hustle that I've ever done is Gonna be online scoring okay so this Would rank higher up but with everything That's been going on you know since the Pandemic I'm gonna have to put this at Number three so if you're not familiar With online scoring online scoring is When you score student standardized Tests at home okay as we all know Students take standardized tests and They need someone to score these test Responses and that's where you the Online scorer comes in and you score These responses at home so don't have to Talk to nobody it's no phone you can be In the comfort of your own home another Thing that makes online line scoring one Of the best side hustles is the fact That you will be able to have a flexible Schedule while you're doing the side Hustle okay it's gonna really depend on The project that you do they do have Some assignments where you would be Working from 8 AM to 4 P.M and then they

Have the other flexible scoring Assignments which those are the only Ones that I take and with those you know You could score between 8 A.M to 11 p.m You can score any time within that time Frame usually they want you to score at Least 15 to 20 hours per week and the Pay is 15 an hour so you're not making a Whole lot of money but at the same point In time you're in the comfort of your Own home and you're not doing any hard Work just depending on what you score so You can score different subject you can Pick the subject that you score so for Example you know you can score science You can score Ela you can score math me I prefer to score science I'm not really Good at math and Ela you know Ela is Cool I will score that but I do score That with a different company and that Company is Measurement Incorporated so Measurement Incorporated Pearson and There are a few other companies that you Can do scoring with I will link those For you in the description bar but let's Get into the kinds of scoring so the Kinds of scoring is it's only seasonal So it's about twice a year and Unfortunately since the pandemic it is Not reliable scoring is no longer Reliable like it used to be I just Started scoring on April 3rd and then I Logged in on Wednesday April 5th and They were saying that scoring was on

Hold and come back and check when it'll Be back available so it's like I work Two days I thought I was going to be Getting me a nice little check on the 14th and then now they're saying it's on Hold so this happens a lot this happens With Measurement Incorporated this Happens with Pearson and it's just not Reliable anymore you know what I mean Like the pandemic really came in and it Changed so much and things are just not What they used to be and I say all the Time I wish it was 2019 again where These side hustles were really really Worth it you know what I mean so another Kind is going to be depending on the Different subjects so depending on the Subject that you're scoring there may be A whole lot of reading and if you ever Had a job where you're doing a whole Bunch of reading you would know that it Can be very tiring if you're sitting up Here thinking that you're not going to Get tired because you're just at home And you're just chilling that's a no all Of that reading makes you really really Tired but the benefit of this is because It's flexible you can kind of get off if You want to just kind of take a break Take a nap or whatever the case may be You will have the opportunity to do that And then you can log back in and finish Out your day so and another kind of Scoring is you do have to have a

Bachelor's degree to score so because This is in the educational field they Want you to have a bachelor's degree but Of course you don't really need a Bachelor's degree well my sons were Teenagers they have scored with me so You know you don't need a bachelor's Degree to score but you know they want You to have one to work the job so I Would say that that's a con too there is A company called right score where they Only require an associate's degree and Then another company called Altus Assessments sometimes they have jobs That don't require a degree either again I will link all of those in the Description bar for you to check out so Let's go ahead and move on to the next Side hustle okay so we're getting down To the bottom of the list now so the Next side hustle that I want to talk About that I feel like deserves the spot At the bottom of this list is instacart Okay so if you guys are not familiar With instacart instacart is where you Shop and deliver groceries or you just Shop groceries for customers but I just Started instacart a few weeks ago is it Horrible absolutely not there are Pros With it and we're going to get into that But there are a lot of cons as well okay I'm speaking of my experience in my area Of doing instacart okay so I signed up For instacart on a Thursday I did my

First shop on a Friday it was pretty Cool you know what I mean and then they Had bonus pay on there instacart will Pay you between five and ten dollars to Do a batch and then anything that you Make after that is gonna be gets hit Most people in my area I live in metro Atlanta most people in my area do not Tip you know the tips are like two Dollars if they tip at all what I don't Like about instacart is the fact that They don't they will pay you like seven Dollars or nine dollars for you to shop For 30 items and the person lives 15 Miles away from the store so the store Could be five miles from you the person Lives 15 miles from the store and you Have to shop for 30 items that's Absolutely insane the type of orders I Will take are orders that are nearby Where I'm at 10 items or less in like five miles or Less so really really small orders which There are a bunch of those in my area I Feel like with instacart in my area I'm Making sure I say that I feel like with Instacart my area it's more effort than It is pay and it's just a lot of driving Around some of the customers are Ungrateful I'm not appreciative and it's Just a lot of driving for very little Money they don't pay you what you Deserve at the end of the day you end up Putting 30 to 50 of the money that you

Made you end up putting it back in your Tank and of course all of that can be Written off and all of that later but We're speaking about the day-to-day of It okay so in my area a lot of people Say that instacart pays like 20 to 25 an Hour that can be true you can make 25 an Hour but I would say that the pay is Actually between about fourteen dollars And twenty five dollars an hour which is Still not bad for a part-time job but You have to consider the wear and tear On your car you you have like a side car Or a little throwaway car a little Beater car a little trap Trapper car I Would recommend that you use that to do Instacart not your main car let's get Into some pros because everything has Pros okay so one of the pros on Instacart is once you do I don't know How many shops it is I'll put it up on The screen for you guys once you do a Certain amount of shops you can Instantly cash out so if you have Something that you need to pay for right Away that day you can go ahead and you Know go online bust it down and make That money and cash out that same day Which is amazing that actually makes it You know kind of you know one of the Best of the side hustles because of that Fact another great thing about instacart Is It's Gonna Keep You active okay you Are going to be active so if you wanted

To maintain your weight or maybe even Lose some weight you can do that with Instacart because it's a lot of walking And moving and grooving and all of that So you can definitely stay active with Instacart so that's a great thing Another great thing about instacart is You can get cash tips so I would highly Recommend when you're doing instacart That you make yourself look presentable That you don't just be going out here Looking any kind of way you know make Yourself look presentable so like the Way I look today my hair is neat I have On a cute shirt you know I got some Leggings on when you're coming to these Customers homes make yourself look Presentable I have gotten cash tips After I've delivered the orders you can Get those cash tips and those are 100 Yours that you can keep so you know That's one great thing about instacart Also in my opinion in some ways shift is Better than instacart the tips are Better for me the shipped app is not as Good as the instacart app ship does not Tell you the aisle that the exact items Are located on and things like that but I do get better tips on ship than I do Get on instacart so I will say that and I've also done doordash also doordash is Great because you don't have to do any Shopping for anyone but the waiting at The restaurants for doordash that makes

It a no-go for me a lot of restaurants Are short staffed and you as a doordash Driver that affects you because you're Waiting on the order I mean and I had to Wait at Cracker Barrel for order for 40 Minutes and I only made 18 another Pro Is you can turn around and you can Multi-act you can do shift you can do Door Dash you can do all of those at the Same time and then you can make money That way as well but again you got to Remember all of this driving around that You're doing miles that you're putting On your car gas you have to deduct that From what you would make you know what I Mean so you know just keep that in mind As well if I continue to do instacart I'll check back in with you guys and let You guys know how it's going but for Right now instacart shipped all of that That's going to remain at the number Four on the list okay so let's go ahead And move on to the very last side hustle That I've done and the bottom of the List and this is going to be surveys Okay so let's talk about surveys surveys Are when you answer questions and you Know give your opinion about products And services and things like that and You can get cash rewards some different Companies will give you gift cards and Things like that you can get paid via Paypal doing with surveys I haven't done Surveys in years but when I was down and

Out I did surveys so I don't want to Talk bad about surveys because surveys At one point you know I was making a Couple of hundred dollars a month doing Surveys it was able to get me some Groceries it was able to help with my Car note and stuff like that so I'm not Bashing surveys but to me surveys you Spend a lot of time you know answering Those questions and you make like ten Dollars in like an hour you know what I Mean so but you know I think I used to Make like 20 a day which was like 600 a Month which isn't horrible you know 600 A month will you know do a lot for Someone but I just feel like you can be Spending your time doing something else That's going to make you more money but To me Opinion Outpost was one of the Best survey companies that I ever worked With like I said if you want to just sit There and answer questions and make a Couple hundred bucks you can do that but Just know it's gonna take some time but You can make a few hundred dollars a Month you know doing surveys you Definitely can do that but you know like Just sitting there and then sometimes You would sit there and you you would Answer those questions and things and Sometimes they wouldn't even pay you so It's just better ways to make money and Like I said it definitely did help me in The time that it helped me but I

Wouldn't you know actively recommend Surveys now I do still keep those links In the description bars for my Subscribers because there are some People you know who might be older or Disabled and things like that that can Do that and like I said can make some Money in those extra couple hundred Dollars can help you out every month so You know it's not horrible but I just Feel like there are more better and more Efficient ways for you to make money Online okay those are my best and worst Side hustles that I've ever done I hope This video has been helpful for you like I said before I'll leave any resources Down in the description bar for you to Check out if you have any questions or Any comments you already know make sure To leave those below and tell me about Some of the different side hustles that You've done tell me how they work for You if you have any tips for instacart Go ahead and drop those as well because Like I said I'm gonna still do it but I Cannot see myself doing it all the time I really really can't and you guys Already know I appreciate you so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to everybody who Tries out these side hustles

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