$3,000 Sign On Bonus + Equipment Provided | AT&T Hiring Work From Home Job | $16 To $19 Hour | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead for you this one does Have some State restrictions we're gonna Get into it in just a second but I did Want to share because the atnt is a Paying a 3 000 sign on bonus right now To get the perfect people for this Position now they are hiring a customer Service representative but for their Sales department this is remote a work From home now I did list the state Restrictions down in the YouTube Description box below as well as the Link to this page but they're only Hiring in the following states Colorado Idaho Iowa Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Dakota Oregon Utah or Wyoming but if you are in one of those States and don't mind customer service Again they're offering a three thousand Dollar sign-on bonus now this bonus is Going to be paid out in stages the first 500 you will get 30 days after your hire Date the next thousand dollars you'll Get after you've worked there for six Months and the third and final fifteen Hundred dollar payment you'll get there You'll get one year after your hire date So you only get the full three thousand Dollars if you work for a t for a full Year but this is a basic customer Service job they're looking for somebody To take customer service to call types

Including collections retention sales Channel coordination billing and Adjustments and advanced a technical Support so you will have to use a Creative a problem solving to address Customer issues you'll instill Confidence and loyalty in the customers Throughout listening and utilizing your Knowledge of at T's products and Services you'll be the expert at Simplifying the explanation for the Customer for them to understand things Like their bills rate plans features of The their products and services you'll Also help customers with credit inbound And outbound collections activations Just basic customer service e-services All of those things you'll also do some Tech support as needed this is a Full-time 40 hour per week work from Home job on top of the sign-on bonus the Pay is anywhere between 16.31 cents an hour all the way up to 19.31 cents an hour of course they also Offer a standard benefit package that Includes medical dental vision 401K paid Time off as far as your work from home Requirements they require you to have Your own internet service but they will Be providing all the equipment for you That you need to get started that Includes keyboards and monitors Computers mobile devices all of that and As far as a what they're looking for

They're not requiring any kind of a Degree they're looking for somebody who Can be calm Under Pressure have a Solution oriented mindset who can be a Tech savvy and open to learning new Technology someone who has great Communication skills and can remain Positive all right if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me please as always feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for or if You have any suggestions on feedback From me things I could do differently Things I could approve on and feel free To leave that down below as well and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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