Hiring Again! No Experience Work From Home Job | Setting Mental Health Appts Part Time $400 A Week

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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl I am Back with a 20 an hour work from home Job but before I jump into the video if You are looking for those skip the Interview non-phone side hustles or the Non-phone jobs be sure to hop over check Them out on the non phoneworkathome.com Blog make sure you guys smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification thumbs up the videos make Sure you share on this channel guys we Talk about all things work from home Related work from home job side gig side Hustles and we also do real giveaways We're giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers absolutely free anybody Can win go spread the word tell a friend Be sure to come back guys and leave us a Comment hop over to the two chicks with The side hustle.com blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you guys Apply for Omni they have a new client Posted on the board today make sure you Guys have over there check them out this Is a beginner friendly weekly pay no Interview company also guys look down Below in the comments and make sure you Sign up for Branded surveys and while You're in the comments please let us Know what type of work from home job you Guys are looking for let's jump into the Video so the company is called growth Therapy they are looking to feel their Client intake support position and this

Is a 100 remote work from home job guys Now it says here that we're looking for A self-starter who enjoys a fast-paced Work environment and wants to be the First line of communication between us And our clients now as in client in Tech Rep you will be the first person at Growth therapy speaking to a potential New client who wants to book an Appointment for mental health care you Will spend most of your time using the Phone and email to effectively answer The client's questions quickly and Accurately book The Client if Appropriate it with the right mental Health provider for them your report Directly to our client intake lead and You will work closely with her to refine And execute the Best in Class customer Support from day one you'll get exposure To what is like to build a business from The ground up and you'll be able to Drive real impacts you love providing Top-notch customer service you are a Quick study who can learn how our Platform works and explain it quickly And accurately on a call you enjoy Solving problems on the Fly and leading Our clients through the booking process So that they can have a potentially Life-changing mental health appointment You have strong oral and written Communication skills you are also Comfortable speaking with clients

Calling to book a mental health Appointment you would enjoy serving as The voice of growth therapy you are a Self-starter who can depend dependently Dependably and reliably execute the task You can consistently commit to 20 hours Per week per preferably the same hours Helpful if those hours are between 8 AM And 12 p.m Eastern Standard Time and Someone that has previous call center Experience this is highly preferred if You don't have it guys don't worry you Still can apply for this job and these Are some things that they offer First-hand experience with foundational Tactics meaningful relationships with Our clients and your team the Opportunity to drive impact from day one Competitive compensation flexibility and Convenience of remote work growth Opportunities and as you guys can see The pay is 20 dollars per hour and they Do offer more benefits which are listed Here I do see flexible working strong Ownership of your work continuous Learning opportunities the chance to Transform the mental health care Landscape and drive impact from day one So with this one guys I really don't see Where you need to have experience in the Mental health field or any really type Of health care experience I just see Where it says that they were looking for People that had previous call center

Experience however that was just highly Preferred it is not required so if you Don't have this type of experience in a Call center I wouldn't worry too much About it go ahead and apply what is the Worst that they could say which would be No and I'm pretty sure guys that they Will have to train you for this position So again grow therapy is the name of the Company go over to Google type in growth Therapy if you apply for this job do the Research first then go and apply for the Job write down the information guys so This way if you get an interview you Will already be readily prepared with The info just in case they ask what do You know about growth therapy when was This company founded who is the owner of The company jot down all of that Information about the company before you Apply for the job and that is just my Tip because you want to be prepared and Not surprised now I will be sure guys to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company again the company Is growth therapy this is a part-time Position I didn't know it was part-time But this is a part-time easy position Guys really don't need experience for This one they are looking to fear their Client intake support position it is Work from home twenty dollars an hour 20 Hours a week so that's equivalent to

Like 400 a week part-time so that is not Bad at all and they did say if you could Work between the hours of 8 A.M and 12 P.m they want they are looking for Somebody that can be consistent and you Can commit to these 20 hours preferably If you can work the same hours but if Not it just said prefer they prefer it But they didn't say it was required so Make sure you guys check out growth Therapy sounds like a great company to Work for be sure to share my video with Your friends family members loved ones Anybody that's looking for a legitimate Work from home job please share the Video guys be sure to come back leave us A comment because we are trying to give Away these 10 laptop computers again They are absolutely free to you guys you Don't have to pay for shipping we pay For everything and we already have the Laptops right here right now ready to Give them away so make sure you go Spread the word tell a friend share Share share come back and leave us a Comment it does not matter where how or Who you share with guys just as long as You share with somebody you can call one Of your friends on the phone and say hey Girl if you're looking for a work from Home job go over there to the YouTube Channel two chicks with the side hustle And they have them posted every single Day you can share that way you don't

Even have to send a link you can just Make a phone call and just be sure to Come back leave us a comment hop over to Facebook make sure you join our group KISS thank you because goodbye make sure You guys follow us over on our Facebook Business page because guys the good news Is we're giving away two additional Laptops on that page it is two chicks With the side hustle we already have Some of our subscribers over there now Sharing our information so make sure you Guys hop on over there I posted a reel Over there you guys can share the real You can share whatever blog post that You see or you can tag you can go to the Post tag your friends on the post if you Want to go down the line and just tag Them on every single post that you see That is a form of sharing if you want to Take the videos guys and stick them over In some Facebook groups you are more Than welcome to do that as well then you Want to follow us on Instagram it is two Chicks with a side hustle we're doing Another giveaway on Instagram so we got A whole lot of giveaways going on with Our brand go over to Instagram follow us Make sure you share what we have posted Over there create some stories you can Put us in your story you have my Permission to do that you can also Create a reel and just let your friends And family members know if they are

Looking to work from home be sure to Invite them over to our platform my name Is Carl I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye Bye YouTube

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