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Foreign And happy Saturday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast today we’ll be Talking about two data entry jobs that Are both non-phone and do not require a College degree both jobs today are Sister companies that fall under the 1 800 Flowers Corporation the first one is The Popcorn Factory and as you can Imagine they sell amazing gourmet Popcorn and delicious snacks for every Occasion and the second company is Cheryl’s cookies and they carry Beautifully decorated cookies and sweet Treats so both of the job descriptions For these roles are actually exactly the Same so I highly encourage that you Apply to both they have the same Requirements same pay and you can find Them on the same job board so let’s jump Into some of your day-to-day functions For this job so you will be a work from Home data entry associate and you’ll be Processing Excel orders proficiently You’ll be processing incoming paper Orders from both consumer and corporate Sales divisions in a timely manner You’ll be processing customer gift

History managing incoming Communications In a prompt and efficient timely manner Monitoring and maintaining business and Product knowledge processing facts and Email orders you must have excellent Organizational and multitasking skills Type 35 words per minute or more proven Knowledge of Microsoft programs Including Excel and of course they want You to be detail-oriented have excellent Spelling and grammar and also make note Of this you guys you must be able to Accommodate changing work schedules Which will include weekends and late Hours during the holiday so make sure That’s something you’re comfortable with Before applying now you can go ahead and Read through some of the more soft Skills that they’re requiring for this Job like active listening time Management critical thinking skills but Some of the things they actually want You to have real knowledge of is Customer and personal service so if you Have any prior customer service Experience make sure to highlight that On your resume also clerical knowledge If you’ve done administrative or Clerical tasks managing files and Records also make sure to note that and You know of course they want you to be Really proficient of the English Language as well as computers and Computer software now they do not post

The pay for these roles on the job Description but from my research it Seems like the average is between thirty Thousand and forty thousand dollars per Year which I think is pretty competitive For a data entry position so make sure You hop on both of these job listings I Think they’re going to go really really Fast and also look through their job Board they have a ton of remote Positions that aren’t just data entry Trees so you know if data entry isn’t a Good fit for you they have lots of other Remote jobs for you I’ll be posting the Link to both of these jobs in the Description below and I want to thank You guys so much for watching today’s Video go ahead and make sure you’re Subscribed and have your notifications Turned on for tomorrow’s job leads and Be sure to check out my playlist for More non-phone jobs always hiring jobs And skip the interview jobs and as Always I wish you so much luck in your Hunt for the perfect remote job and I Will see you next time

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