Up To $25 Hour HEALTHCARE Data Entry (Non-Phone) Work From Home Job | No Degree | Little Experience

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I have another Healthcare non-phone Data entry position for you I know That's what a lot of you are looking for You want to be in the healthcare field And you want it to be non-phone a lot of People aren't looking for data entry but Of course if this job lead is not for You please feel free to always leave in The comments anything specific you're Looking for I do read those and keep That in mind what I am searching for job Leads to share and as always if you're Interested in putting that application In the links to everything I share are Always in the YouTube description box Below the video but we'll get right into It we have a feature to change Healthcare on this channel before they Own and off throughout the year do hire A data entry operators and so they are Hiring again for a data entry operator Too now this is fully remote to work From home for my United States folks Only now this is basic data entry they Are looking for someone to be Responsible for data entry of material From Source documents to a computer Connected terminal you'll offer operate An alphabetical and numerical key punch You'll verify the data and perform a Clerical task in the data processing Function so you'll basically just be Keying in data and double checking it to

Make sure that it is accurate and Correct now they are going to have some Kind of productivity standard that you Have to meet where you have to key so Many things an hour but that's basically It just straight data entry now they Don't require any kind of college degree They are looking for someone who knows How to enter a data someone who is Organized detail-oriented who can Multitask and work well with computers And as far as working well with others In a team now as far as a pay goes for This position they have the pay range Listed at 11.38 cents an hour all the Way up to 25.27 cents an hour however when you Look on their glass a door page a data Data entry Operator 2 makes anywhere From thirty eight thousand dollars a Year all the way up to forty thousand Dollars a year that breaks down to about 18.26 an hour all the way up to nineteen Dollars and I think twenty three cents An hour so they are going to normally Pay the mid-range of what is listed but If you have a lot of experience they may Pay on the higher range of the twenty Five dollars an hour of course since This is a full-time job they are going To also offer a standard benefit package That includes health insurance 401K paid Time off all the things all right if You've made it to the end of this video

I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me sharing is Always caring so if you found this job Leader any job leads that I share Helpful please give this video a thumbs Up like button and share with your Friends and family so we can all work From home living our happiest healthiest Life and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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