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Foreign On this Thursday it's your favorite Remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I Have a hot high pay overnight work from Home job for y'all and then if you were Also interested in maybe doing some Other things I have another hot lead That is going to pay well and both of These come from a company called Holland America now this is a cruise line and They have some remote opportunities that Are available us wide so I'm excited We're gonna get into the details I know Y'all have been looking for overnight Jobs here's one for you but first things First take care of business by turning On all notifications for my channel if You want to be the first to hear about These hot leads and that's what it takes To get your application in before these Leads get shut down so go ahead and take Care of that business and once you do We'll be ready to jump in Okay so jumping on in here today's hot Lead comes from a company called Holland America and as you can see they have Been around for a long time if we head Over to their glass door they have Anywhere from a thousand and one to five Thousand employees and it says that they Are in the premium segment of the cruise Industry so you know that means they Cost a pretty penny to get on one of Their ships now back to the company they

Have two hot leads that I want to share With y'all the first hot lead that I Want to share is the Air customer Service agent position this is an after Hours role that is remote us wide and Then they also have a lead reservation Sales agent position this is also us Wide now just to give you guys the you Know info that you might need to click On this link you don't have it in the Description box this leads base salary Pays anywhere from 18.32 cents per hour the 24 4.71 per hour and yes a phone is Involved but for that amount I'm pretty Sure we can get on the phone you know we Can talk a little bit and the Requirements for this role is you need To have three plus years of customer Service experience including two years Handling escalated issues preferred so If you've ever done any type of job okay That interacted with people which is Pretty much all of them and you have Three years experience then you would Qualify for this role and I will have The link in the description box below But you're going to be answering calls And you're going to be making Reservations so that's what this job is A reservation sales agent and that's fun Because you know if I'm not going on Vacation the next best thing is helping Someone else book theirs so this is a

Good opportunity now getting into the Main lead the one that I know y'all want This overnight work from home role and When they say overnight they truly mean It okay it says flexible schedule that Includes nights and weekends after hours Team will need to be available for work 6 p.m to 6 a.m Pacific Standard time so Adjust that to your time zone if you're Not in PST and then Monday through Friday nine hour shifts with one hour Lunch so sometime between those hours You're gonna pull a nine hour shift You'll take an hour lunch and then they Need folks who are available 5 P.M to 6 A.m Pacific Standard time Saturday and Sunday so again you know you just want To think about with those hours if I Were to have a schedule that landed Anywhere between the hours of 6 pm to 6 A.m or 5 P.M to 6 a.m on the weekends Would that work for me if that's good Then you know that's a really good thing Now another thing that I want to point Out is they word what they're looking For like you know I'm hitting the things That are most important before I really Get into the details they say that this Job normally requires three years of Related experience and travel agency Airline or wholesale travel agency now The way they worded it with that word Normally makes me think that they might Be flexible considering not a lot of

Folks are lining up to work overnight Now everybody on my channel seems to be Like all the people who want to work Overnight but in general it's tough Finding people who are a good fit for The role who can also do overnight Opportunities with no issue so if you Don't meet that three years requirement A hundred percent I'm not telling you What to do but the worst case scenario If you apply is that they just move on Without you so there really isn't Anything to lose if you feel like you Meet these other things so that's just My advice right there so jumping on in Here according to this lead they say That it is going to pay somewhere Between 35 000 to 45 000 per year and so I went to glass door To see well what are people actually Making and I saw some salaries in the 36 000 range I saw several of them and then I saw you know someone who's doing the Excursions reservations making 43 000 And so on and so forth so again you know Just giving you guys some advice don't Take it if you don't want to but if I'm Gonna be up all hours of the night Messing up my circadian rhythm you got To give me this 45 and that's just where I would start at so that comes out to About 23 dollars per hour so it said Princess Cruises fall in America line

Seabourn and pno cruises Australia United as Holland America group offering World-renowned vacations at seeds Travelers around the globe are building A dynamic unified organization to serve Its highly experienced teams in both our Corporate offices and onboarder ships We're looking for an amazing Air Customer service agent after hours to Fill this role you'll be joining the Travel Services team for a home-based Position to cover duties while the Office is closed here's a summary of What Holland America group is looking For in its agent company travel is this You responsibilities process urgent air Travel outside of business hours for Shipboard officers crew guest Entertainers vendors contractors and Shoreside employees usually in cases Where trips have been disrupted for Unforeseen reasons provides excellent Customer service and support for Crews Guests that either have a disruption to Their travel plans or require immediate Assistance with flights to get from Their homes to join their Crews or from The end of their cruise to get back home Administers hotel and group Transportation arrangements for Shipboard officers crew and guest Entertainers including creation Communication of Hotel rooming lists and Ground transportation manifests answers

Phone calls and monitors emails for Shore side Travelers in need of urgent Assistance outside of business hours AKA Corporate travel providing timely and Accurate information find the best Combination of price convenience and Comfort and issues the resulting air Tickets provides cross-function support To company travel team as needed Ensuring that overall department needs Are met when coverage is needed follows All company and department-specific Policies and procedures during daily Operations of the job any additional Work-related duties as assigned by the Supervisor or manager so let me just Kind of wrap this up in a nutshell the People who work on the ships such as the Shipboard officers the crew you know the Guest entertainers you know on the ships They have people singing and doing shows All the folks who work for the company These are the people you're going to be Supporting with after hours travel in The event that they need after hours Support so you're going to be that Person who is there for them if maybe They miss a flight or their flight gets Canceled you see it says disrupted for Unforeseen reasons so they can't just Leave their people out there hanging Those people need a point of contact who Can help them that's what you're doing In this job so it says requirements high

School diploma GED or equivalent Experience ability to communicate Effectively verbally and written with Travel suppliers poor agents crew Members employees other departments and Management this job normally requires Three years of related experience in a Travel agency Airline or wholesale Travel agency proficient in Microsoft Word Excel and Lotus Notes Microsoft Outlook ability to work independently And think quickly knowledge of all Aspects of the saber Airline reservation Systems such as creation of an air Booking ticketing exchanges pricing Routing and queue processing flexible Schedule which you know I already read Through so just make sure that works for You must be available for the entire Initial four to six weeks of paid Training and they don't list what those Hours are must be legally authorized to Work in the United States princess is Unable to sponsor or take over Sponsorship of employment visas at this Time so what you can expect cruise and Travel privileges for you and your Family health benefits 401K Employee Stock purchase plan training and Professional development tuition and Professional certification reimbursement Rewards and incentives and then the Salary starting between 35 000 to 45 000 and it says the range is applicable

For the labor market where the role is Intended to be higher final base salary Is directly related to each candidate's Qualification and experience uniquely And then they just get into stuff about Their company culture and their Equal Opportunity Employment statement and Then down here they talk about Americans With Disabilities and it says that they Provide reasonable accommodations so if You need an accommodation because of a Disability you can contact them here and This is only for folks with disabilities So don't try getting ahead of the curb Or trying to get somebody to contact you About your application by using this Email that would be the wrong thing to Do so that's the lead you guys this this Is a really good one I really like this Role and I hope you guys do too and Understand if I see something overnight I will 100 share it even if something Goes into the night okay if it's a good Job that I know y'all would be Interested in I will share it okay and You know if you like this lead you will Just need to hit the apply Now button Last but certainly not least I want to Point out some resources for y'all if You need a resume I have a resume and Cover letter software and you can join Now and get a seven day trial for just One dollar you can make unlimited Resumes and cover letters and this makes

It so much easier to customize because You can go into your resumes and edit Them so like for example let's say you Finished your resume it spits you out Something beautiful like this if you Want to go back and edit it all you have To do after you have created it is hit Edit this is how you can easily Customize your resumes and cover letters For jobs by using thing you know sort of The same base template but then you go Back in and edit and customize it I made This software from scratch just for this Purpose so go ahead and get your one Dollar trial and what will happen after You sign up is you're going to get two Emails you're gonna get an email with Your login to my teachable school that's Where you'll get the tutorials for how To use the software and then you'll get A second email with your login and Password for the resume and cover letter Software and just check your spam in Case those emails go there so you know Definitely check this out and if you're Looking for more online jobs definitely Check out my website remoteworklife.com I have a resource on here called the Mega list of jobs there are 485 Companies on here that will hire you to Work from home we have the direct link To their careers Pages you can go there And see their fresh hot new leads apply To those and that's how you can get an

Interview and get hired the secret Secret here for the Mega list of jobs is Not every company advertises all of Their available jobs on the job boards So you can cut past all the job board Traffic by just going directly to the Companies but you got to know who hires You from home that's where the mega list Of jobs comes in make sure you bookmark This and use it every single day and Then lastly if you need equipment for Your home office I have an Amazon Storefront where I have equipment that Will help you get started working from Home economically okay I've got Something for everybody's budget now if You are on a shoestring budget you said Delilah I just can't spend three four Hundred dollars on a computer right now I can't do that I have something for you These two computer packages whether you Need a single monitor or a dual monitor These are on sale right now and you Can't go to any store and get a computer The whole shebang for these prices and All these computers meet the tech specs For companies so these run Windows 10 Pro you get the wired keyboard and mouse A 19 inch monitor this one same thing But you get two 19-inch monitors I want You guys to keep in mind these computers Are your money making machines you're Not surfing the internet you're not Streaming or playing video games on here

You know that'll be a quick way to run The computer into the ground these are Strictly for I turn my computer on and I Clock in I clock out and I turn the Computer off and I collect a check from Home when you collect a couple of checks Maybe you might want to move on to Something that can do more stuff like a Gaming laptop or whatever but these are For people who just want the bare Minimum to start making money from home So the link to my Amazon storefront is In the description box below you can see People are enjoying these computers People have given me really great Feedback and I also have other equipment In here like headsets you're gonna need A USB headset and you can get one for 13 Bucks so for under 200 you can be ready To work from home so the link for this Amazon storefront my mega list of jobs As well as the one dollar trial for the Remote Resume Builder software and of Course these two hot leads from Holland America are in the description box below So thank you so much for watching I Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye Foreign

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