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Hello and happy New Year welcome back Please bear with me I lost my laptop I Didn't lose it unfortunately I had a Little accident with my laptop all of my Editing software and screens all of that Is on there so we are doing the best That we can with the iPad so let me just Get through these videos share some Leads with you guys send you on your way And fingers crossed it gets fixed and Returned to me soon so this is a work From home 100 remote job through a b b Optical group they offer all different Optical Services and the Responsibilities for this job will be a Customer service slash order entry Representative some of the duties Include answering inbound calls emails Enter customer orders and make the Appropriate outbound calls place the Orders into the system provide the order Status shipping info communicate and Coordinate with internal departments Route calls keep reference guides There's so much more here but of course I don't want to take up too much of your Time so your basic customer service you Need at least a high school diploma or a GED you need to be proficient in PC in a Windows based environment knowing Excel Word Etc have perfect oral and Communication skills you can resolve Customer issues adapt to change and Multitask the desired qualifications if

You have them are great however you Don't need them and the rate of pay for This is 17 per hour it is starting February 13th and of course there is Paid training as well four to six weeks On camera remote training and then after That you'll go about your way still from Home the training hours nine to six pm And then the regular working hours 10 to 7 PM so if you guys want the link to Apply to this job you can find it in the Description box below I'm not sure if There's going to be links on the screen Or not on an end screen but if it's not An end screen they still should be Somewhere that you can click check those Out you might find a better match and a Different video I've posted and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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