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Hello hello what is up welcome back to My Channel or if it's your first time Here welcome my name is CeCe I post These videos daily on my channel to help You transition from an in-office to Remote job so if that's what you're Looking to do click that red subscribe Button below and let me help you get Hired this is a 25 to 38 dollar per hour Remote job it is a tier one workday Support specialist through calculated Higher let's go ahead and dive in if you See me skimming through it's because I Want to keep the video brief I don't Want to waste your time so anything I Miss please feel free to go back and Read it on your own time so calculated Hire is looking to hire for multiple Tier one workday Specialists to work With one of the largest Health Care Clients in the Northeast so your Responsibilities are going to be Fielding calls responding to emails Other admin duties you'll be navigating Multiple screens in an HR Center Environment now prior experience in an HR service team as well as basic user Interface knowledge of workday is Required to be successful in this role You'll also be researching and Collaborating with colleagues to ensure That the ticket resolution number Remains High reporting live directly to The HR services manager and you'll be

Joining a team with an open environment Where you are encouraged to interact With each other while maintaining a high And correct resolution rate 100 remote 7 A.M to 6 PM EST is the window of working Hours and they are eight hour shifts so Like I said the requirements user Interface and prior experience and Workday excellent customer service Skills excellent written and verbal Communication prior experience with dual Monitors and multiple operating systems You have reliable transportation and Ability to be flexible with shift hours Obviously you don't need that Transportation since it is remote but I Do think you need to be reliable at Being able to come into the shifts that They give you and of course prior Experience in either HR service HR Payroll help desk or shared services you Don't need a college or post-secondary Degree eight hour shifts Monday through Friday offering medical dental and Vision this is very straightforward so If you would like the link to apply for This job you can find it on my website And that will be in the description box Below for you if this one was not for You on your screen are two other videos That I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to

You in my next video bye

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