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Good morning it's Suzanne today I have Two no interview work from home jobs That are always hiring our first job is With marketer hire this is the best way To level up your freelance marketing Career so in this job you will be a Freelance independent contractor but What this company does is it helps you Get started in getting your clients your Marketing clients people that you want To do work with they fill your pipeline Qualify the clients and take care of all Contracts and payouts so you can focus On what you do best which is marketing So if you're in the marketing field I'm Going to tell you a little bit more About this your freelance career your Way you're going to choose your own Schedule work full-time part-time or Hourly and update your available hours Whenever you need they'll help you They'll help you communicate with the Clients and setting expectations you're Going to set your own rate and you keep 100 of the proceeds you're going to earn 100 of your hourly rate with every gig Every two weeks no invoicing and no Freelancing service fees ever you're Going to get access to a full pipeline Of clients their marketer match Technology means you never need to Wade Through job posts or compete with other Marketers for a role they introduce Clients to one freelancer at a time and

You don't go It Alone after you land a New client you can rely on them for Regular check-ins dispute management and Anything else that you need now in this Role you can earn anywhere between 33 And a hundred and twenty thousand Dollars per year depending on how Motivated you are how experienced you Are in helping clients with marketing so I'm going to give you that link of Course down in the description but let's Get to the second no phone no interview Job alright so this second company is Study.com they give you flexible Education gigs you're going to reach Students worldwide with one of these Great flexible work from home contractor Positions writing reviewing editing and More so this isn't just tutors it's also Reviewing documents editing documents Etc they have many many open positions That are open all the time so I'm going To of course give you all the Information on how to find those the Benefits of online work as a study.com Contractor is that again you're going to Have flexible hours work wherever and Whenever you want completely online You're going to get paid reliably timely Reliable payments twice a month and you Have supportive staff in-house their In-house team is available to help you Succeed so some of the jobs they have is Lesson writing and curriculum design you

Found the place to teach from home on Your own time we're looking for teachers With solid expertise to help Buildthestudy.com library of lessons and Courses that make education accessible To millions of students so if you have a Gift in writing lesson plans and Curriculums this is going to be a great Job for you now a second job they're Offering is q q a homework help you can Help people with their homework looking For a fun flexible way to become an Online tutor with our expert q a roles You can help students struggling with Difficult homework problems on your own Time whenever you want help students Struggling with math English and Everything in between all right you can Also do research and copywriting calling All freelance writers stop scouring the Web for freelance writing gigs and apply For one of their openings writing about Schools Majors careers and more and Lastly you can review and edit you've Got it all thorough subject matter Expertise and the ability to review edit And improve content check out these Opportunities and put those skills to Work helpingstudy.com with their top Quality content alright guys so this job Is paying anywhere between fifty and Sixty thousand dollars and that is the Estimated salary on the internet like Indeed Glassdoor Etc so go ahead and

Check those out if you're interested Something for everyone all right guys I'll see you in the next one

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