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Foreign Just want to welcome you back to another Video another installment so today is Friday happy Friday and of course on Fridays I share remote-based positions That do not require you to be Interviewed and majority of these jobs Offer you flexible hours for you to work Whenever you choose you can choose your Own schedule so I try to find the best Opportunities that are available out There for you that do not require you to Be interviewed if you're someone who is Skittish about being interviewed and That's majority of us right so we're Going to jump into these companies if You have not subscribed make sure you Subscribe and hit that notification Bell If you are if you would like to get Caught up with similar videos to this Video check out the link in the Description section for past videos Other no interview positions that I have Shared those companies are still hiring Okay so the majority of the companies That offer these types of jobs are Always high firing the first company I Want to share with you is properly Properly is a tutoring service so they Offer online tutoring positions and you Do not need to have experience to get Started you don't need to have a Certification a teaching certification Or a teaching degree so they offer a lot

Of flexibility for you to get started on Prep league so it's pretty Straightforward you will jump online and Offer your tutoring service in any topic Or subject okay so you get to set your Own rates choose your hourly rates and Change it anytime that's awesome on Average English tutors charge 15 to 25 Dollars per hour so this not only offers You flexible hours but it also offers You the flexibility to set your own Rates you could teach at any time Anywhere decide when and how many hours You want to teach no minimum time Commitments or fixed schedule work Whenever you want or whatever you want And you can set your own rates now if You're International you may be able to Work for properly I believe you would Have to be English speaker in order to Work for this company you get to grow Professionally attend professional Development that they offer such as Webinars and get tips to upgrade your Skills you'll get all the help you need From their team to grow which is very Important because they're working Remotely some of you may be working from Home by yourself so you may need some Assistance some tips some advice some Additional resources to help you grow Your business okay with properly Properly tutors teach 800 000 plus Students globally so you can join them

And you'll have everything you need to Teach successfully so they'll provide Steady stream of new students smart Calendar interactive classroom Convenience payment methods professional Development webinars supportive tutor Community so you can sign up to teach Now to learn more you can scroll through Their website and I recommend going to Their frequently asked questions section Where you will get most of your Questions answered so what kind of Tutors does properly look for they don't Look for any specific certification Again or teaching experience it's not Required they welcome tutor's work who Enjoy sharing their knowledge making a Difference in students lives have Outstanding communication skills and are Willing to provide a personalized Learning experience to International Students okay what subject can I teach They have over 100 subjects on property Including languages school and University subjects hobbies and arts so Whatever you're knowledgeable in whether It's math science English then they will Welcome you on board or properly to Teach the students just need to have Great excellent communication skills Just be excited to want to teach and Tutor students across the globe so how Do you become an online tutor properly Provide some basic information about

Yourself upload your headshot photos so They know what you look like describe Your strength as a tutor record a short Video introduction up to two minutes Long and choose your availability and That's basically it so I just want to Include this company because I think It's an amazing opportunity it does not Require you to have any experience you Get to set your own schedule and there's So many perks to doing that being Your Own Boss alright so there is another Similar company I wanted to share on This video and that is cambly they do Something very similar they offer you Flexible schedule their pay however is Slightly lower than properties pay all Right but they do offer similar benefits Such as flexibility they will pay you on A weekly basis you earn every minute you Spend chatting okay you can make 17 Cents per minute which can add up to ten Dollars an hour on cambly 20 cents a Minute which can add up to twelve Dollars an hour on cambly kids so you Get paid via Paypal every Monday so they Pay weekly via PayPal if you're not Familiar with PayPal Google PayPal it's A great site to use for receiving and Sending money I use it for personal as Well as my business and I've had great Experience with using PayPal there are Legit payment sites that you can use and It's absolutely free to get started with

PayPal so with cambly you get to tutor Anytime anywhere just like properly with Their students spread across the globe You can start tutoring at any time of The day based on your schedule work as Little or as much as you want no minimum Hours ever so the benefit is that you Make a global impact so it's something You can feel proud to do so if you're Ready to get started with cambly Cookware says get started to make sure The opportunity is indeed available Start tutoring on cambly you would have To create an account if you don't Already have an account to get started As their tutor the next company I want To share with you very quickly is we Localize it now we localize it have a Lot of freelance opportunities that are Available globally as well as in the U.S When they have freelance opportunities For us it's usually for their ads Quality Raider so for this position it Does offer you some flexibility and There's no formal interviewing when it Comes to freelance work with we localize Now if you are searching for other Opportunities in your country you could Go directly to their freelance Relocalize it.com freelance and search For your location you can select where It says location and it will and you Will see a drop down menu and you can Scroll through the different areas in

Which they may have opportunities Available so these are all the jobs that They have currently listed on their Website that are still hiring all of Them are marked remotes this is a remote First company meaning that all their Jobs are remote based well majority 99 Of the positions that they have Available available are remote based so If you're International you may be able To find some opportunities on Relocalized website okay so because I'm In the US I'm going to be sharing Opportunity that is available for U.S Residents but keep in mind that their Ads quality Raider position is only Available in certain states in the US Okay so for this job they're currently Hiring in the following states Arizona Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Maine Maryland Minnesota New Jersey Texas Virginia and Wisconsin and for Their ads quality rate of position you Must be based in the US the minimum is Five hours per week up to 25 hours per Week so this is like a part-time type of Position you get to set your own Schedule accept occasional Peaks and Dips in work okay you can start a set Like as soon as possible employment type Is W-2 part-time employee for this Position so you'll be considered an Employee even though it states is a Freelance remote based position so that

Means that you will be paid on an hourly Basis more than likely the requirements Include fluency in English strong Understanding of popular culture in the US websab be able to work in fast-paced Environments excellent online Researching skills so the job does Require you to do a lot of online Research and reliable computers needed Must sign a non-disclosure agreement to Protect client confidentiality and pass A learning program in a rigorous quality Test designed by their client before you Start working so there's no formal Interviewing for this position you would Just have to pass some programs and Tests as well as meet all the Requirements that are listed here so you Don't need to have previous experience As an ad quality Raider they also have a Similar position called Scout search Quality Raider which is a similar type Of work they give you a little bit more Detail about what you'll be doing so in This position you will use your unique Gifts of understanding people's Intention to improve the online search Engine experience your main goal for This project is to develop and augment AI data to put it more plainly you will Provide subjective and objective ratings Based on Project rules and conventions So you will complete tasks in American English now the average salary for

Relocalize is listed here on Glassdoor If you Google we localize salary or if You want to use Yahoo search you will Find information about their salary so So the average we localize salary ranges Approximately forty seven thousand Dollars per year for an ad reviewer so 164 000 per year for senior project Manager so you can work your way up to Being a senior project manager by being Their ad reviewer okay if you do an Excellent job always show up and you Work overtime and you are passionate About what you do so you can earn 20 Dollars an hour as an ad Raider for Relocalizing on average of course there May be some factors that will determine Your pace such as your location your Experience level et cetera et cetera of Course you don't need to have experience To get started so on average you can Expect to earn around twenty to twenty One dollars per hour so that's just to Give you an idea of the average salary For this job now the next work from home Position I'm going to share with you is No experience and it is a very high Paying position some familiarity with Some of the items that they have listed So it's coming from a company called Microflanks fry fully manage it Solutions companies so they provide Services to help in solving I.T problems Again for businesses that enhance these

Organizations focus on their important Business issues all right if you'd like To learn more about this company and to Determine whether or not they are legit You can always Google them and you'll See they have pretty good ratings on Glassdoor in other sites as well right Now they have an opportunity here I'm Going to share with you which is posted On Glassdoor and that is for their Entry-level business analyst position With which pays 65 000 to 85 000 per year all right so I Just came across this company by chance And I wanted to just throw it in this Video now there is a chance that they Might perform an interview but enlisted Here that they do not require to have Any experience in order to do this so if You don't need to have experience then There's not much interviewing to happen Right So that's just my assumptions or the Interviewing won't be that stressful for You but you do need to have some Familiarities so if you do have Familiarity with surveys and prototyping And interacting with project manager This is part of their responsibility you Will gather business requirements Through those means through interviews Surveys prototyping etc etc participate In All Phases of project management from Conceptualization to completion perform

Gap analysis to compare all elements of Existing as is with desired to be Processes facilitate in creating and Maintaining business use cases and System use cases use case diagram the Requirements they have listed here is That you must have a bachelor's masters In science technology engineering math Business management or any relevance so Anything relevant to those things then You're good right if you do not have a Bachelor's or master in science or any Of this but you know someone who do then Definitely share this opportunity I Believe it's amazing opportunity it is Our remote-based job that seems to be Available anywhere doesn't have any State restrictions listed so I'm Assuming that it might be available in Other countries but more than likely It's available in the US all right so Those are the requirements for the job Again if you feel like you meet these Requirements and you're familiar with The list of items in the requirements Then you should be good to go so they do Require that you're well versed in Systems development life cycle Understand of BRD system requirements Knowledge and understanding requirements Gathering and prioritizing business Needs so this is a full-time job so it Doesn't offer you flexibility you will Be working a full-time schedule but the

Pay is like 65 000 to 85 000 per year They offer amazing benefits and this is An entry level position that states here No experience needed But if you have under one year of of Experience in any of the fields listed In the requirements then that would more Than likely be a bonus and of course the Schedule is eight hour shift Monday Through Friday regular regular business Hours you get the weekends off and if You want to work overtime then that's Available as well they do prefer that You at least have a bachelor's degree so Even though they listed Masters and et Cetera et cetera if you have a Bachelor's degree that is preferred and You're good to go right work location Remote that's all that's stated here so We're gonna assume that they're hiring Everywhere so again this is an amazing Opportunity that I came across and I Wanted to add it into the list in this Video as a bonus all right so that's it For this video if you enjoy these videos And you'd like to see more of these Types of videos make sure you post a Comment in the comment section below and Let me know thumbs up and make sure you Share this information with someone you Know who it can definitely benefit and Health all right and thank you so much For watching I'll see you guys in my Next video Happy work from home and

Enjoy your weekend

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