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Hey hey welcome back to my Channel or if It's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post these videos daily To help you guys switch from an In-office job to a remote job so as I Slowly transition out of this Channel And start doing more things that I love I know it's very sad but everything must Come to an end you know eventually I'll Still be keeping up sporadically through You know a while but eventually it will Come to an end I did want to share some Better topic video videos with you guys That you can constantly refer to so you Can you know start your journey on your Own so I wanted to share with you guys I Wrote down here on my phone four of my Favorite websites that I use when it Comes to looking for jobs for you guys So thumbs up for that because I'm Spilling all my tea and secrets so the First one is the mom project you do not Have to be a mother it was created for Moms to be able to find remote jobs While they were home with their kids but Anyone can apply it's free to sign up And you do need to have an account to Sign up kiwi say hello Love you Um and what I love about the site is you Can do a array of filters ranging from Entry level to more experience the rate Of pay you're looking for full Transparency everything is 100 vetted

And trusted so I love that the next two Are both International ones and we have We work remotely and remote okay they Are both remote based websites that Companies from all across the globe can Post what they are looking for who they Are looking for and their rates of pay And some of them are for specific Countries only some of them are open Everywhere but it's a really really Great site actually both are really Great remote okay is more for it and Tech and we work remotely post anything Under the Sun from customer service Support IT Tech a lot of JavaScript Coding things like that so definitely Check both of those out if you are International and find finally we have Flex jobs Flex jobs can also be International but it is a paid service So you can pay either weekly monthly Quarterly or yearly or maybe it's just Weekly quarterly yearly I'm not sure on That one or maybe it's monthly quarterly Yearly to be honest but they always are Running great deals sales I think for Black Friday they had 50 off I'm not Sure if they're still doing that but That was their biggest sale I've ever Seen you could find a ton of codes Online and if I find one that's a good One I will put it in the description box Below but at least you know everything That you get there is also vetted

Trustworthy and they have so many other Great resources such as resume help Coaching classes and it's a really Really great site and I just love that Everything like I said is 100 scam free It just gives you peace of mind when Applying and a lot of big companies Purposefully advertise on there they put A lot of advertising budget to post Their job listings Um because Flex jobs brings great Candidates and great companies together So you can also check that one out that Is all I have for you guys thank you so Much for tuning in there are two other Videos I've also posted here that you Guys can watch if you want to binge Watch my face is also on the screen Click that to subscribe so you don't Miss an upload while Huawei still can I Love you guys so much and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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