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Hello hello hello welcome back to Another work from home job lead if this Is your first time here hello my name is CeCe I post daily work from home job Late videos and I'm here to help you Make the switch from working in an Office to being able to work from home I Also post ways to make you money fast Side households to help you make some Extra cash anything that's going to help You build your financial wealth on your Own terms I got you so if that is Something you're looking for more of Click that red subscribe button below so You'll never miss an upload this is a Work from home remote job lead and I'm Going to go ahead and pop the rate of Pay on the screen because now that I've Clicked into the actual application site I'm not seeing the pay from the posting Originally that I saw so keep that in Mind it is an estimate obviously because It came from an external posting you Will need to confirm either with the Hiring manager during your interview or Reach out to the company prior so this Is through Venture Tech Solutions if They're looking for a housing counselor It is full-time remote and level so it's Not going to be an entry level role so You will provide counseling to Individuals in a wide range of areas Including foreclosure prevention loss Mitigation rental counseling

Pre-purchase first-time buyer counseling And financial management budgeting so What they are looking for here education And experience they do want you to have Prior experience working for a HUD Approved housing agency understanding of Mortgage loan modifications and use of Waterfalls must have an understanding of Consumer credit mortgage and financial Topics a bachelor's degree from a Four-year University or two to three Years of financial credit mortgage Experience or an equivalent combination Of education and experience so in lieu Of a post-secondary degree if you do Have that experience you should be okay You must be HUD housing certified and Have a hecm certification and it's Preferred not required so I guess you Don't have to have it but if you do have Any of these it's definitely going to Help Your duties provide one-on-one Financial Coaching monitor the client caseload Conduct follow-ups via phone or email Keep detailed record of all Communication and share all client files Are securely stored assist with the home Buyers education workshops follow and Enforce the National Industry standards Participate in staff counselor meetings And trainings represent agency at events And seminars Network functioning Networking functions as needed and other

Duties are going to be assigned by Project or program management Potentially it does say candidates in New Jersey or Florida preferred yet Again it's remote you don't need it but If you do live in these states that Could also help and they have the key Competencies right here excellent Customer service ability to work with People of diverse backgrounds you can Work in a team environment strong verbal And written communication skills you can Manage and prioritize different tasks And you are competent in Microsoft Office Suite so if this sounds like Something right up your alley I will go Ahead and have this linked on my website Work from home with cc.com job leads you Can check that out for the link to apply Now if this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I also Posted check those out you might find a Better match for yourself there click my Face to subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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