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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and this one right here is Coming from the company true source and Currently they're looking for a Dispatcher to work fully remote so let's Get straight into the details and According to Glassdoor this job does Have an estimated pay between 37k and 48k per year of course that's an Estimate you'll have to get the exact Pay from the company but with this job Right here you will be scheduling Service calls with Affiliates and Customers you got to be calling the Customers to diagnose their specific Concern and you're going to document Calls and issues and update work orders Within the internal service system You're going to employ cost control Measures to maximize gross profit Potential and establish and maintain Strong affiliate relationships and open Lines of communication you're going to Also be reviewing and responding to Assigned emails in a timely manner and Ensuring all jobs and customer deadlines Are met you're going to be working with Identified Affiliates to ensure work is Completed timely and within customer Expectations and you're going to also

Communicate all short and long-term Customer service issues in a timely Manner you're going to work effectively In a team environment and you will have Other duties as assigned so you do need A high school diploma or GED that's Required one to three years of Experience and customer service roles Utilizing Salesforce or similar Platforms is preferred excellent Communication the ability to multitask And also have knowledge of Microsoft Outlook customer service orientation and Excellent written communication skills So you will get benefits with this job And they do seem to have a pretty quick Application so of course if you're Interested in applying with this company You can find the link in the description Bar if you guys have any questions or Any comments feel free to leave those Below as usual I thank you guys so much For watching I'll see you in my next Video and good luck to those who apply For the job

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