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Hey welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasebook.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out Today I would like to share five legit Ways that you can be able to earn money From home you don't need any prior Experience these are ideas for those That are getting started making money From home and they are overwhelmed with All of the work from home opportunities And want something really easy to get Started with now these options will Allow you to easily sign up and start Making money at home just by doing Simple tasks and projects on your PC and Some will even allow you to work from Your smartphone The first way that you will be able to Start making money online today is by Taking surveys now I'll admit this won't Make you rich but it is a very easy way To make some extra funds a few sites That you can check out are respondent Which allows you to take surveys Anywhere from 15 to 60 Minutes long and Pays anywhere from fifteen dollars to Two hundred and fifty dollars per survey And then you'll also have branded survey Now this website will pay cash it will Vary as far as the amount per survey now Let's take a look at the respondent Website this is how their official Website looks you can go through browse

Through the website to learn more they Will have a sign up button right here at The bottom of the website this will Allow you to go ahead and fill out their Short form first name last name email You can also sign up through Linkedin as Well as Facebook to start looking and Browsing for surveys the next website Branded surveys this is their official Website you can join via Facebook or you Can sign up by email and then they'll Have some information on their home page To show you how it works you'll have a Quick little video there where you can Learn more about the company you can Read the reviews from others also they Share the payment options that they have Available and also the countries that They are available in so I do recommend That you go ahead and sign up with both Of these websites today The next way that you can be able to Earn some extra money online is by Listening to music if you are a music Lover I'm sure a lot of people already Listen to music on a daily basis so if You love music you can earn money with Sites like playlist push you can earn up To twelve dollars per song that you Listen to so let's check out their Official website this is how their Official website looks at Playlistpush.com now I am going to Browse to their website so you can learn

More about how you can get paid to Listen and review music you will earn up To Fifteen dollars per song according to Their website they have instant payouts They show you how you can become a Verified Playlist curator you will join their Network review songs and then you will Get paid and grow your list now as you Scroll through the website you will also Run into some frequently asked questions At the bottom to learn a little bit more And then you can press that red button To become a curator Another way that you can earn extra cash Today is to host a garage sale online You can virtually sell your old items You don't need to be sitting out in Front of your house like the old days You can sell your items on sites like Varage sale let's take a look at their Official website you know it is a very Simple plain layout website you know Everyone just goes on creates their Account and just Pretty much post pictures of what they Are selling so you can definitely check Out this company as well as Facebook Marketplace of course to sell your old Items online The next opportunity that will allow you To get paid online today is to use your Freelancing skills if you have a special Skill with graphic design content

Creation internet research proofreading Virtual assistant writing I mean the List goes on you can be able to make Money on sites like Fiverr and upwork I'm going to visit their official Website at fiverr.com and you will see So many different opportunities in so Many different categories I mean in Graphic design logo design video social Media lifestyle you know it is so many Different services and you know and gigs That you can offer on this website if You are talented in a specific field and You'll see right here programming and Tech business you know there are people That are offering coaching opportunities On this website you know digital Marketing if you can just simply design You know a Facebook cover or something Of the logo picture for someone's Website or YouTube channel I mean the List goes on you know and then also Upwork you know the upwork is another Website that you can look into to offer Your freelance skills online you know in So many different categories writing Administrative customer support you know Legal design Development website building I've Personally had someone you know design a Whole mobile app on this website you Know also Finance accounting you know You don't need a degree but you just Need to be able to Showcase your skills

Build up a reputation on this website or You can just go on to the website and Create sign up create your profile fill In the details and then start sharing Your profile with people today you know And start marketing your services so People can come on and be able to Purchase your gig and you can be able to Start making money right away upward Work is open to multiple countries Worldwide you don't only have people Working in the United States but Worldwide and you'll see that this Company is trusted by many top companies Like NASDAQ Microsoft Office you know The list goes on I mean with people that Use this website to find people with the Top skills you'll see some of the areas That people are looking for data entry Specialists video editors data analysts You'll see mobile app developers graphic Designers game developers WordPress Developers bookkeepers resume writers Those are some of the top skills that They are looking for right now The last opportunity that will allow you To start earning money today is to get Paid to type there are people looking For transcribers people that can type at A decent speed those that are able to Listen to an audio file and start typing Out what you hear a few websites that You can check out right now is go Transcript and transcribe me go

Transcript is a site that you can check Out to find online transcription jobs Where you'll get paid up to 60 per audio Minute this should be treated as a Part-time income you know the average Earner earns around 150 per month these Are all the languages that this company Is hiring for you know you'll see Frequently asked questions here at the Bottom of the website this company is Open worldwide so if you are ready to Get started select the yellow button at The top to watch how to join their Company now Transcribe meat is a popular Transcription site that is open to many Countries worldwide they will offer you The opportunity to be able to get paid Anywhere from fifteen dollars to 22 Dollars per audio hour So you can be able to grow and learn From their Community they will pay Weekly but they will allow you to go on Today set up your profile and you can Start taking on projects right away Just a quick recap take a surveys Listening to music selling used items Freelancing and also typing are great Ways to make money fast online don't Forget to like comment and share this Video and don't forget to subscribe so You don't miss out on any new videos Posted on this channel I wish you guys The best of luck each of these can be

Done as side hustles in your spare time And really can help you to clear a bill Or two why not give one of them or all Of them a try to make some extra cash Fast thank you all so much for watching Take care [Music] Thank you

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