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Happy Friday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you this is a great um Work from home opportunity so make sure You watch the videos all the way through Because I am going to do a resume demo So we're going to go ahead and dive Right into the job again as you can see On the screen we are talking about the Coming National General and it's also Known as Allstate too they're currently Seeking claims estimated writer want to Seniors to work remotely okay now as you Can see on the screen there are State High restrictions listed but there's a Lot of people that have reached out to Me that don't even live in this state And they applied and they were able to Get hired this is a full-time position Now according to the glass door the pay Is between 31.39 per hour and to give you Information about Um this job when you go into details They want you to have the ability to Obtain and maintain your adjuster's License as required and then when you go Into a little bit deeper about the job Here Um you need to possess strong estimating Fundamentals in order to create or audit Estimate of damage on First and Third-party material damage losses of All services and then also they want you

To possess a deep understanding of the Content of all policy types written by The company And again when you go down a little bit Further here it talks about the skills Possess knowledge of Esther Mathematics software and to give you Information about the company National General again it's an All-State company To offer coverage to help protect your Home vehicle and more with a network of Over 55 000 independent agents that's working so We're going to go ahead and dissect the Job a little bit more okay now again When you go into the job it's very Important Um that there are keywords in the job so You need to be studying those writing Those down like when you go over where It says strong estimating fundamentals In order to create an audit so basically What you need to say audit Insurance Claim is one of the key words in there As well as possess a deep understanding Of content of all policy types so you Want to be able to stay knowledgeable Insurance policy and procedures here This is again this is a great Opportunity so if you're interested in Applying for the job all you need to do Is Click right here where it says apply Now before I go into a resume demo and Actually walk you through on the job

Description the requirement in order to Tailor your resume to the job I want to Always leave an encouragement word is to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you too many Times people get so disencouraged Because they worry about what other People are doing you need to stay in Your own lane there is a time and season For everything your time is coming up so Yeah I'm looking at you don't get Disencouraged keep going you're almost At the finish line and so many people Just want to throw in the towel before They see the outcome keep applying keep Pushing you got this there is a job out There being made for you but it starts With you okay so go out there and grab What is yours by applying for this job If you're interested in applying then You go ahead and click this apply button Now I'm going to show you how to tailor Your resume to the job post okay Now like I was saying a few minutes ago You want to go into your key Responsibilities and you just want to Get out here Um what are the keywords in here is Basically creating or auditing Estimating of damage on First and Third-party materials I just repeated That a few minutes ago but that is goes On the audit Insurance claim so you can

Say audit insurance claims so you can Write that down possess a deep Understanding of the content of all Policy types written by the company so That's basically is knowledge of the Insurance policy that is a key word Negotiation is a key word and then Decision maker is the key word like make Decisions on best options so your Decision maker and then build a master Relationship with both in internal and External customers so that's more of Verbal communication so that's what you Need to have and then when you go down a Little bit further these are the skills You want to put these skills you want to Put this software in here if you don't Understand and what this software is Asking all you have to do is copy and Paste the software and Google hit enter There are some YouTube videos that Appear there is some PDF files that will Appear to get you the knowledge of what You need to have in order to get started Okay another keyword is strong Interpersonal skills you want to have That under your skills as well as in Some of your resume summary ability to Operate electronic device including Computers cameras and cell phones so you Want to let them know that you are Computer savvy so strong verbal in Written communication skills these are The skills you need to add under the

Skills section time management skills Organization skills ability to work Under pressure and then projects that Deadline remain flexible and change the Environment let them know that you're Able to meet deadlines on this position Okay Now I'm going to take you to this resume Here I'm gonna put myself over here this Resume again I got it in canva camera Has all types of resumes when you are Trying to pass after the tracking system You need just something simple you don't Need nothing fancy right now because It's not trying to please the human eye It's trying to please the Africa track System so how we start off with is you Want to put your first and last name Okay this is not my name I just made it Up you want to put Susie doe Jones and You want to put the phone number where They can contact you as well as you want To have a professional email address Your email address should either be your First and last name like Suzy Jones or you can put in your middle Name susiedojo Jones so you Need to have a professional email Address now when you're going to see me Go back and forth to the screen because I'm trying to get you to get that Understanding what I'm talking about When you are putting you always want to Put the job title hiring manager

Recruiters even ATS they don't have time To try to figure out what job you're Applying for because there could be Multiple positions within the company so You want to take you want to go back to The job description and you want to take This title word for word and implement It into your resume that's what you want To do and then you want to come up with Your resume summer your resume summary Should tell Um the Africa tracking system as well as The hiring managers uh recruiters what Job are you seeking again they're not Going to go into your resume trying to Read and try to figure out what job You're applying for so in that resume Summary it should State what type of job You're applying for so again If you don't have the experience don't Lie on your resume because you never Know when they're going to allow you to Take a test and if you don't pass the Test then they go figure out that you're Lying so be truthful when you be Truthful you will find that job okay so Um my resume summary I came up with Claims professional with 15 years of Multi-line claims experience providing Fair detail and draw service to insured And claims from initial notice to the Final resolution demonstrate strengths In organizing and prioritize time-system Claims establish collaborate and

Successful work in relationship with Colleagues okay so that is straight to Point if I was a hiring manager or if I Was a recruiter are the ATS I'm telling The company what job I'm seeking so they Can put me in the category as a claim Estimated writer so as you can see in my Resume summary I have Um I have keywords in there and some of The keywords are when you go in here is Multi-line claims experience That's one key word uh demonstrate Strength in organizing and prioritize Time sensitive claims establish Collaboration collaboration is one in There in successful working relationship With colleagues so that goes under Communication skills Um as well so I tied some of the Keywords off of there so I can increase My chance of making it through the African tracking system now when you go To the key components it's the same as The skills You remember when we went into the job Description I started pulling out some Of the keywords and told you to get a Piece of paper and write those down Because you're going to need those so I Took Some of the keywords from the Responsibility as well as the skill Section so when you do that I put Negotiation because that's one of it in

The job description excellent Organization skills conflict resolution Skills you have to be professional at Active listening networking Interpersonal skills analytical ability Time management problem solving Knowledge of insurance policy written Skills ability to multitask decision Maker and compliance management that's Where I got all of those keywords as Well as our research if you go and Google that what are the hard skills of The this of the claim estimator these Are the some of the skills that will Pull up right here proficient and Analytical math excellent conflict Resolution strong writ communication Skills knowledge of insurance related Policy that's where I got all that Information and Implement that into my Resume as well and it's also in the job Description as well if you go to what Are the soft skills it tells you right Here the soft skills of a claim adjuster Written oral communication interpersonal Skills negotiation time in time Management and if you bilingual that is A good thing to put in there too as well That you can speak multiple language you Can put that in your resume so you see How my resume is getting tailored to the Job description getting close to Um making it through the African Tracking system that is what you want to

Do is put the keywords in there not to Just put them there you want it to sound Natural and make sense here so when you Go to the professional experience you Want your professional experience to be Nice and neat have bullet points um so Many resumes that I have seen in the Past they don't have bullet points and It's not in complete sentences it's just All over the place you should highlight Or bold the name of the company your Title when do you start if you work in There you see how the bullet points I'm Going to give you a perfect example of This medical billing resume I got this Information from indeed they have a Bunch of resume samples so if you want To understand the right way of writing Your resume you can also go to indeed And type in resume samples and there's a Whole bunch of resumes supplements that You kind of look at and tailor your Resume to also that job post but if I Was a medical biller this is what this Title is the medical bills biller Specialist a male medical billing Specialist and I want to apply for this Job This is how my resume will look here Okay I will always go into the job right Here as you can see and say ask myself What did I do on this job that is Similar to what the job that I am Applying for the title so when you go

Through here it says she's he or she is Responsible for managing billing and Claims department at private medical Practice that is Um what you need to put up front so Basically you are rearranging the bullet Points to match the job title as well as The job description identify medical Coding procedures or fees and admission Making Necessary adjustment all of this Goes hand in hand with this job title Also interpret eobs and post 50k plus Daily to patients ledgers so what's Important what stands out like if you Have bullet points if you have a whole Bunch of bullet points you want to Rearrange your bullet points to match That job description because African African tracking system reads from top To bottom so you just want to rearrange Your bullet points again to match the Job description and you do that on all Of your jobs now on this type of resume That I got from indeed they put the Skills down the bottom I prefer to put The skills um uh right after the summary That's what I referred and then the Education goes down the bottom okay so It's very easy to tailor your resume you Have to do this a lot of people may say It's a lot of work doing this yeah it's A lot of work but if you want a job this Is something that you have to do is to Make sure that your resume is tailored

To each job that you're applying in Order to stand out from the crowd so I Hope that you understand this again just Go if you have any questions just Comment below and let me know but this Is just easy anybody can do this so go Ahead and just use the tools that I have Given you I'm here to help you in any Way because I want to see more people in 2023 to get jobs so go ahead and check That out again remember to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but you Got to believe in yourself because if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs There are different things you know Build a relationship with Google if you Don't understand a particular software Google it on YouTube they have different People that are teaching you these Different softwares that you don't Understand so don't talk yourself with Out of this job before you actually Apply there's many companies out there That will take time out to train you but Again you do your part and if you like Everything that I have discussed in this Channel Make sure you subscribe to the channel Again this channel is all about none Phone work at home job needs that go out Every single day at 7 A.M Central

Standard Time and make for sure you um Come a part of the YouTube membership Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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