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Hello hello and welcome back for another Video if it's your first time here Welcome let me help you transition from An in-office job to a work from home Remote role if that's what you are Looking to do click that red subscribe Button below and let's dive in through Remedy counseling LLC they are hiring a Licensed clinical therapist 50 to 80 Dollars per hour this is high paying job Week so all your high paying job needs Are coming through now remedy counseling LLC is a group counseling practice that Has been established for 10 years in the Community and well recognized for Excellent Services they are accepting Currently all of these different types Of certification applications for Independent contractor positions for Part-time and full-time currently the Positions are virtual hybrid or in Person so you kind of have a little bit Of a decision you can make there in Regard to your work of course most of my Videos all of them actually are remote So this fits in for the virtual only Now the therapist should have expertise In any of the following areas children Adolescents young adults adults family And couples and it is self-pay and a Sliding scale their payment options as Well as these are the in network Primaries that they take so the hourly Rate is up to 80 per client seen

Dependent on established insurance rates Fees and the sliding scales now they do Charge for no shows and late Cancellations so you'll still get paid Sixty dollars from that and you get an Additional 34 Referral rates so they're just looking For someone to add for one to two Evenings afternoons per week 10 hours Per week is the minimum part-time will Be considered 20 to 25 per week and Full-time is 32 hours per week and above So here are more of the incentives I Also want to let you know that you will Not be on call you do not do any Voicemails bi-weekly pay and of course You can learn more at their website so They are offering flexible schedules Workplace perks for in office which Won't be you uh W9 for part-time and Full-time employees or you can do a 1099 Contract so if you would like the link To at least check this out you have These certifications you're looking to Transition to home I will have this on My website and that's in the description Box below now if this job was not for You on your screen are two other videos I've posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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