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Foreign [Music] Welcome back to my channel I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and I'm back with another job for You guys and I'm coming to you guys with A job that's going to allow you to make Your own schedule okay so you can work When you want with this job it's Definitely time for me to bring you guys Another opportunity like this and this One is coming from the company macro Learning okay so just to let you guys Know this is like a scoring opportunity If you're not new to the channel you Know I've done lots of scoring jobs but I've never worked with this company so Everything I'm telling you is going to Be based off what's on the site I have No direct experience with this company But I'm interested in learning more and Hearing from some of you guys if you do Try out working with this company so They are looking for graders for the 2022 2023 school year if you're Passionate about helping students learn And you're a strong writer and you're Dependable definitely check out this Opportunity it's convenient and flexible You can make a difference and you're Going to get practical hands-on Experience doing this okay let's talk a Little bit more about how this works you Will claim an open assignment on the

Assignment board you will grade and Provide feedback on the student work Using a rubric prompt and the teacher's Grading instructions and you're going to Wait for the teacher to approve your Work and provide a rating and review Just for you so let's get into the Frequently asked questions for this job I'm going to read some of these for you Of course if you want to read all of Them you'll be able to do that the link Will be in the description bar but in Terms of what type of work the graders Do you will be grading assignments that Require high quality and again it is Rubric based scoring and feedback and Most of their assignments are writing Assignments for English and social Studies and greater should expect this To be the primary work available for Them and you're going to also be Providing feedback on student strengths And areas for standard writing Assignments we'll be sharing summary Thoughts for the teacher and they do Support some science math psychology Computer science clients and other Subject work as well graders can apply For additional qualifications to gain Access to these Now let's talk about the time commitment Again grading is flexible so you're Going to pick up the assignments that Work for your schedule they ask that

Graders be prepared to dedicate an Average of at least six hours per week During the school year that's September Through December and February through May and that equates to grading Approximately four class assignments per Month regular grading is a win-win Teachers and students benefit from your Practice and experience and you'll build Habits that make the work easier and More efficient so as far as pay the Starting pay is twelve dollars an hour Per hour of grading graders who prove to Consistently meet or exceed expectations Can earn fourteen dollars per hour in Addition some advanced work comes with An hourly pay increase and there can be Surge pricing for certain courses or Assignments with a short turnaround time Grading time calculations are based on Assignment length and any special Teacher requests and they include time To become familiar with the prompt and The rubric okay so let's talk about Their application process I like how They lay it all out the first part of The process is going to be you creating Your profile you're going to mention Your experience and coursework academic Performance and passion for helping Students now I would have loved it if They let us know if you had to have a Degree to do this maybe that's something That they get into once you get into the

Application but I'm not sure but it's Going to take you about 10 minutes to do That and then you're going to do an Application activity you're going to be Scoring and providing feedback on Sample Student writing and they're going to Evaluate your feedback based on their Effective feedback framework that's Going to take you about an hour and then If your application is approved your Final step to complete will be a mock Assignment during that mock assignment You will be supported by resources and Feedback from their greater development Team that's going to take you about two Hours okay so yeah this is the first Page of the application and then at that Point you'll go ahead and start Completing all the things that they just Mentioned so they definitely want to Make sure that you're qualified before They do accept you you to work with this Company so if you're interested in Writing and you like grading writing and Things like that definitely go ahead and Check out this opportunity of course It's not going to be for everyone but Yeah if you are interested you can find The link in the description bar if you Guys have any questions or any comments Make sure to leave those below and as Usual I thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video And good luck to those who apply

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