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Foreign S welcome back to another video so in Today's video I wanted to give you guys A treat there are so many work from home Positions that are available thousands Of jobs and I want to show you companies In which you can find these work from Home positions especially if you're Someone who's interested in working in The health industry so there are so many Companies that you may not even know Exist that have thousands of jobs Available to work remotely and these Jobs can be not home base they can be Entry levels mid-level to advanced level And some companies will even provide you With the equipment you need to get Started in working from home so where do You find these opportunities well if you Go to the link in the description Section it will take you to this page That you're looking at which is my Website and these are my job leads fresh Work from home job leads I post on this Website on a regular basis almost daily Remote-based positions and it's only a Click away it takes you less than a Minute to click on that link to take you To this page where you'll get direct Access to those companies that have the Jobs it takes you less time than it did For me finding these opportunities are Not easy and can take me a good amount Of time to find them to share them with

You so that you can get easy access to Them in getting access to free okay free Job leads there are sites that will Charge you a fee to even get access to Any job leads but you get free access on Melissiahome.com which is convenient for You so it is the end of January today's The 31st of January and I have some Fresh remote job please listen listed on My website for today as you can see now You may also notice that majority of the Jobs that I have recently posted are in The healthcare industry a lot of Healthcare companies are listed Currently and that is no surprise to me Because I can find so many different Opportunities communities coming from The healthcare industry from different Companies so again if that is an area That you are focused on or desired to Get into there are tons of jobs Available and these jobs can pay up to Fifty dollars an hour or even more Depending on your experience what Exactly the job is Etc etc okay so I just wanted to go Through some of the companies with you That offer these opportunities thousands Of jobs hundreds of jobs and just show You what is available and how to find These jobs on these websites okay so the First company that I have listed here is On today is Magellan health so you can Click on that link and look at that just

Takes you less than what three seconds To click on that link and just wait for The page to load now my internet is a Little slow but usually it will load a Lot faster depending on your internet Connection all right so we are finally Here and to find jobs in Magellan Health Now keep in mind you can always research These companies on your own but because I want to keep it keep this video at a Certain time limit I'm not going to go Through that step with you but again Feel free to do your own independent Research in regards to these companies You are free to do so once you've landed On this page you can always go to where It says search for jobs on the upper Right corner but since you have direct Access to the actual search job page That I listed and you will be taken Directly to that and once you hit this Page you just want to put remotes in the Search bar or you can enter work from Home but I would prefer but I prefer to Insert remote jobs the majority of the Companies that I come across tend to Have remotes in the title of their Positions okay so just say where it says Remotes and you will pull up jobs that Are remote based majority of the jobs Okay now as you can see there are some Jobs that are recently posted if it's The first job listed it is the most Recent so the most recent job is their

Senior privilege access management Engineering position and that was posted Seven days ago now of course if you read Some of the titles I'm sure majority of You may not even qualify for some of the Jobs but the best thing about this Position is that if you do qualify these Jobs these types of jobs in engineering Or I.T analyst jobs are high demand jobs Meaning that companies are in high Demand to hire people in those fields But it's very difficult to find people To work remotely that have those skills Okay so they're high demand with low Competition so that's a plus so if you Happen to have a degree in engineering And have experience in these fields then You have a high chance of getting Response back and possibly moving Forward in a hiring process and Landing A position now unfortunately majority of The people that watch my video are my Videos are not in the engineering fields Or ITN analysts have six to ten years in This area or even five years so I tend To share jobs that have little to no Experience or entry level positions Unfortunately those jobs have high Competition so this is why majority of You may struggle to land a position Because everybody wants a shot at those Remote-based jobs right so this is from Magellan so if you want to further Narrow down your search you could choose

Full-time part-time if you're looking For full-time or part-time position if You're looking for contract positions or Temporary jobs you can narrow down your Search to location where you're located The job category if you want to find Customer service positions you can Select customer service and see what is Available also don't neglect to hit that More button to see more jobs that more Categories that are listed on your left Dashboard again you can see they have Multiple positions available they have It jobs available fully remote for Instance they have this position here But this job was listed 30 days ago and It's still possibly available you may Still be able to apply for that job if That's an area that you're interested in So you definitely want to check out Magellan health for remote-based Positions that they may post at any at Any given time okay and these are high Paying positions click on the link and It will take you directly to the job to Give you full job description to see What exactly you need in order to apply For this job the locations in which you Can apply in the US etc etc okay so We're just taking a quick glance at one Of these positions as you can see this Job requires five plus years of I.T Experience which is required so if you Have five plus years of high tea

Experience then you can go ahead and Apply for this position okay so we're Going to scroll down to see if they have A salary listed here which they do as You can see the salary minimum is eighty Three thousand dollars the maximum is 142 dollars per year for this particular Position which makes sense because if You read the licensing and Certifications and educational Background and how many years five plus Years in I.T it makes sense to pay you Your Worth right so high paying position Again if you are interested all right so The next company I want to share with You is Life Point Health multiple remote Jobs available on this website as well Click on that job and you'll see 39 jobs Available at LifePoint health and these Jobs can be in remote-based positions as Well so find remotely's job on LifePoint Health again you just enter remotes or Work from home and just hit where it Says search you can always narrow down You search the city or postal code as Well if you want a job that's close to Where you live and to see what is Available so once you hit remotes and Hit that search button you will see all These amazing jobs and these are Recently posted in the month of January Okay that are still available All of them are stating from all of them State work from home remote patient care

Risk adjustment coder quality analyst Medical coding remote work opportunity We can check that out as an example just To see how the job listing is laid out And how it looks so this is posted in January 26 just a few days ago and it's Still available okay so for this job Seeking certifieds with a minimum of Five years pro feed coding experience Now how many of you have this experience Not so many but if you happen to have That experience this job is in high Demand low competition okay so you can Read the details for this job the Requirements for this opportunity the Benefits that's offered it pays 24 Dollars per hour and this is for the Quality analyst medical coding now again I mentioned that majority of health Related remote based jobs majority of The companies that hired for Remote-based workers in a health field Will provide you with free equipment so You may not see it listed on a job post That they will offer you send you free Equipment but they tend to do this you Can always inquire about whether or not You will get free equipment to get Started and working from home so again This is Life Point Health and as you can See they have so many positions to get Started working from home in the health Fields and these positions were posted In January the next company that I have

Listed here is United Healthcare I'm Sure many of you have heard of this Company they are a little bit more Well-known company they have over 1 000 Jobs listed on a website that are remote Placed as well in different locations in The US and again just enter a keyword You can enter a remote base work from Home to narrow down your search just Utilize their search bar keyword bar on Your left to find exactly what it is That you're looking for but they tend to Have remote based positions in health Fields for instance they have a position Here for clinical quality analysts it's A national remote-based position it States that the primary location is Dallas Texas but they will consider Remote workers all over the U.S okay This company will offer you flexibility To commute telecommute you can work Anywhere in the US as you take on some Top challenges all right so you can read Through the primary responsibilities for This particular position just enter it Into their search keyword and it will Pull up the job okay so these are the Primary responsibilities that they have Listed here as you can see it's a Lengthy list of responsibilities and the Required qualification is four plus Years of healthcare industry or managed Care experience you just need a high School diploma you don't need to have a

Degree High degree just have a high School diploma the majority of the jobs Don't necessarily need you to have like A PhD or master's degree so they can Range from high school diploma to Bachelor's degree or even associate's Degree or certification so this job will Pay between 27 to 53 dollars per hour it Is a non-phone-based job so if a job is Not customer service representative type Of position titled then more than likely You will not be on the phone dealing With customer when it comes to health Care so majority of the work will not be Done via phone you would just need Internet connection a good computer and The Knowledge and Skills and experience To perform the work so this particular Job is not from base it's high paying 27 To 53 dollars per hour your salary range For this particular position so again You can always utilize the keyword to Narrow down your search to find Remote-based positions in your fields in Your fields or area of expertise okay When it comes to working in the Healthcare industry so those are the Companies I want to highlight in this Video there's another company here Called Elena Healthcare where they are Hiring for data entry processor so this Is a data entry position this particular Company it is fully remote full time it Was just posted recently yesterday so if

You're interested in applying you can go Ahead and apply for this position they Did not list the salary range for this Job but if you Google data entry Processor average salary you'll be able To find some information in regards to How much on average you can expect to Get paid as a data entry processor now Every company is different so it made so Even if you Google the average pay for This particular title doesn't Necessarily mean that this company will Pay you that amount okay so every Company is different and it also depends On your location your experience your Skill level all of those are factored Into your pay so as I always state in my Videos that not everyone is going to get The same pay okay for the same job title Or position in a company because Remote-based position you are located in Different areas so it depends on your State how much you get paid all right so That's basically it for this video I Wanted to share these amazing Opportunities are available I believe There's over 2 000 remote-based jobs Available in the healthcare industry I Have the jobs listed on my website easy Access less time for you to get access To them than it did for me all right Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video Thank you so much for subscribing and I Wish you all the best happy work from

Home bye

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