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Hello there welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here Officially welcome my name is CeCe I Post these videos every single day to Help regular old people just like you And me get work from home jobs easier And alleviate a lot of the tension of This search so if you are looking to Start working from home let me help you For free click that red subscribe button Right below this video today I'm going To share with you guys slack so a little Bit about slack explore remote friendly Flexible opportunities and join our Mission to make work life simpler more Pleasant and more productive so they are Connected inclusive and flexible which I Love their core values are empathy Courtesy thriving craftsmanship Playfulness and solidarity you can work And Thrive and read more about that they Have an inclusive environment which I Love and these are the career Opportunities so as you can see they Have many different locations here for The customer success group as well as Internships if you are looking for a College internship there are products in Tech jobs as well as some of the International roles you'll see here in Tokyo for different sales positions so If you are looking to work with them and Get a job with them you can come check Out this job board currently 25 open

Positions I love sharing job boards with You guys because it helps you to be able To go know exactly what you are Qualified for what your skills are that You possess and actually apply for a Role with ease of convenience and not Have to race to get your application in Before the rest so I will have this work From home job board through slack linked On my website you can find that link Accessible in the description box below To get to Here If this job was not for You or this career board I should say Was not for you on your screen are two Other videos I've also posted check Those out you might find a better match For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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