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Good morning it's Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Data entry position it's fully remote And they are offering it as a part-time Position it looks like the pay is going To be up to around 15 dollars per hour If you convert that estimated annual Salary in this job you're not going to Have to talk on the phone to customers It's a hundred percent data entry so if You're an introvert or someone who Doesn't want to have to talk to Customers on the phone then you'll Probably like this job especially if You're looking for some part-time work To fill in your day all right so the Full job description the offset off-site Invoice payment specialist operates and Maintains a personal computer in a work At home environment accurately entering Data to pay utility invoices and prepare Customized reports principal duties the You're going to enter customer utility Invoices by entering required customer Data accurately performing required Steps dictated by online programs and Procedures handling exception items Keying utility invoices from image Understanding the basic utility industry Concepts and terms understand the Fundamentals of the billing and payment Process complete understanding of Specialized data entry account logically Planned workday by understanding and

Following all priorities perform entry Duties in accordance with proper time And quality standard maintain your own Personal computer within the cast Requirements use organizational skills To ensure no bills are missing or lost In other duties so the skills and Abilities they're looking for they'd Like you to be able to type 9000 Keystrokes per hour ability to grasp and Retain instructions high level Concentration self-motivated accuracy Independent they want you to have a high School diploma at least or equivalent Specialized training and data entry or Prior experience so very beginner Friendly just a high school diploma and They'd like you to have some training in Data entry so make sure you get that on Your resume you're going to apply Directly to the position via the supply Button so I'm going to go ahead and put The link and the instructor sections Down in the description for you so you Can go apply the process usually takes 20 minutes or less should they find that You meet the minimum requirement of the Position the recruiting team will be in Touch to start the interview process so This sounds good to you and something You're looking for I'm going to go ahead Again put that down in the description And I'll see you all tomorrow

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