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Good morning welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome My name is CeCe I post these videos Daily to help you make a quick and easy Switch from an office job to a remote at Home career so if that's something You're looking to do click that red Subscribe button be low today I have a Speech language pathologist we have Contract full-time part-time they are Based out of Texas but you can work Remotely anywhere and a little bit about This company presence they provide Exceptional high quality and Innovative Teletherapy tools and services for pre-k Through 12 students with special needs To help them grow and Thrive which I Think is just so wholesome and amazing So the job description a little deeper You will provide school-based Evaluations and IEP directed Therapy Services provide timely documentation of The therapy sessions create and update The IEPs and complete the evaluation and Progress reports required by the state And the district you'll provide Case Management Services as required by the School which could be scheduling Preparing and conducting the IEP Meetings so the providers in the network Work on the proprietary platform built For the teletherapy you will have access To therapy materials and assessments Enjoy the benefits of a community of

Support set your own schedule Participate in a Perks program with Discount with the partner organizations And benefit from the support you'll Receive while adding additional state Licenses to help increase your knowledge And opportunities so I love that too the Qualifications for this is one or more Valid state license as an SLP you need The Asha certificate of clinical Competence at least one year of IEP Directed therapy and evaluation Experience in a school setting schedule Flexibility and interest in working Across time zones Experience participating in IEP meetings Acting as the case manager completing The educational eligibility Determinations and comprehensive reports Strong communication and relationship Building skills strong computer skills With tech reliable Wi-Fi and a reliable Computer with a webcam so we're looking At 40 to 55 dollars per hour Compensation is determined off of the Overall years of experience as well as The state residency so your geographic Location and of course all of your Information will be confidential According to the eeo guidelines so if You would like the link to apply to this Job or just get some more information You can find it on my website and that Will be accessible in the description

Box below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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