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Foreign Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and of course I'm back with Another job for you guys and this one Right here is coming from the company Limitless and they're currently looking For a client services manager okay so This is a pretty good opportunity with Some pretty good pay you do need to get Your application in before February 28th So let's get into the details let's Start off with some of the perks that This company has and they do have Vacation of course you're going to get 20 days per year you're also going to Get an annual company shutdown long Summer weekends you'll have the option For hybrid working and part-time working But let's go ahead and get into more of What you're going to be doing you will Be the primary interface between the Customer stakeholders and their Operational service center you're going To be proactively driving continuous Improvement of all services and delivery They want someone that has an Operational background loves being Client facing and thrives in a Fast-paced company gonna be managing Relationships on a day-to-day basis is Ensuring that customers get value from The gig CX platform and geek CX expert Managed Services you got to be building

Strong and trusted relationships with Multiple client stakeholders across Operations Quality Technical and Planning teams and you will align the Limitless delivery capability so the Client strategic customer experience Goals and objectives they want you to be Self-motivated and have three years of Experience in operational management Level in Enterprise customer service Contact center delivery role proficiency Working with new tools and Technology Comfortable being out front and have Proven ability to influence others also Be able to participate in a Multifunctional team as a team player And also effectively work under pressure And be a problem solver so this job is Going to pay between 70k and 85k a year Here's the application right here Definitely go ahead and get your Application in if you're interested you Know I wish you the best of luck leave Any questions or comments below and I'll See you guys in my next video you thank You so much for watching

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