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TGIF thank God it is Friday happy Friday Two chicks fam I hope you guys have a Wonderful weekend it is me Carl I am Back with another work from home video And the company is Public Storage but Before I jump in make sure you guys Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to You guys so go spread the word tell a Friend be sure guys to come back and Leave us a comment down below don't Forget to go back check out all the Videos that were posted on the channel Yesterday I did drop a skip the Interview a video non-phone so make sure You guys check it out don't forget to Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni they recently posted Another client on the portal so guys you Have to be quick about these jobs make Sure you guys check it out make sure you Apply tell a friend share that company No interview beginner friendly weekly Pay work when you want so make sure you Guys check that one out don't forget to Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comment section let's jump into the

Video so the company again guys it is Public storage and they are looking to Feel their inbound sales agent work from Home position it says that as an inbound Phone sales agent you will be able to Work virtually from the comfort of your Own home you have an excellent Communication skill the ability to Successfully sell products and services And you thrive on exceeding goals you Will receive inbound calls from Potential customers and help guide them Through the Rental process agreements And policies you will meet the sales Goals through unit reservations and Rentals consistently providing Exceptional customer service and Professionalism to all of our customers Attend one-on-one feedback sessions on Sales performance and participate in Team meetings to ensure success Adherence to your shift schedule and Availability for calls meeting and Training now as you guys can see here They have increased the rate of pay We've talked about Public Storage before So the rate of pay I believe back then Was maybe 12 13 an hour with bonuses now They have raised it to 18 dollars per Hour guys plus the potential to earn More with a monthly bonus so that is a Great thing five weeks of paid training With our training team in a virtual Environment work in the comfort of your

Own home comprehensive Group Health Care Programs 401K generous employer match Which is oh it's excellent Qualifications you do have to qualify For this position you do have to have at Least one year plus of experience and in Sales and stats call center phone sales Experience is a plus sales closing Skills ability to adhere to set a Schedule including breaks and lunches Prior work from home experience is Preferred proficient in Windows based Computer programs with excellent Navigation effective communication and Sound listening skills proven ability to Be a customer relationships via the Telephone skills and languages other Than English are a plus as well and they Will provide you guys with the equipment So again Public Storage is hiring work From home guys and a lot of people just Can't believe that some of these Fortune 500 and 1000 companies now are at home Public Storage from my understanding Never was a work from home job it was Always an outside of the house type of Job but now they have moved their Inbound sales agent position to the House which is a fantastic thing so this Is a full-time position 18 an hour which Is equivalent to 720 a week and they are Going to provide you guys with the Equipment make sure you go over to Google type in public storage check out

Some of the reviews from current and Also from maybe previous employees or You can go to and look Over there for reviews as well indeed They might have some reviews also that's Another site that you guys could check But make sure you jot down the Information before you apply for the job Because you just might get asked some Questions about Public Storage you never Know sometimes these interviews they can Be tricky and sometimes the companies They want to know have you done research About them because my thing is guys you Do need to know who you are working for Or who you want to work for so be sure To do that first then apply for the job Then Share my video with your friends And family members put this video on Your social media platform stick it over In some Facebook groups as well guys We're trying to get the word out there Because we are trying really trying to Give away these 10 laptop computers Before the end of the year we would like To hit 100 000 subscribers on this Channel that would be awesome make sure You guys hop on over to Facebook join Join the group KISS that cubicle goodbye We do have a lot of other jobs posted Over in the group that may or may not be Posted or we may or may not have talked About them on this YouTube channel so be Sure to pop over there join us kiss that

Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys are Following us also on our social media Page which is two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page we are Giving away two additional laptop Computers over on that platform so you Guys need to stay in the loop because Jobs are posted over on their platform As well also we post the videos over There and you guys can share that way You can go over there follow us we're Trying to get to a hundred thousand Follow words and then you can go under Each post Click Share and it will Automatically go over to your personal Or if you are in some Facebook groups Join some of those work from home groups Or advertise here groups and they will Let you post over in those groups or you Can tag your friends or your family Members on that page as well and then You want to follow us on Twitter Tick Tock and Instagram but mostly Instagram Because we are doing another giveaway on Instagram now this one guys will take Place before the end of the year so make Sure you pop over to Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle follow us Tag a friend create some stories put us In your stories let your people know all About the work from home jobs that we Talk about over here on this channel the Side hustles the gigs also let them know Guys that we give away laptop computers

As well you can just make a post or make A story that says two chicks with the Side Hustle YouTube channel they give Away laptop computers for free we're Trying to push this legit information Out to the masses my name is Carl and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube

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