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Foreign Everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is coming From the company cheeky scientist and They're currently looking for a sales Professional so if sales is your thing Definitely go ahead and check this job Out they do have a support professional As well you can check that out I will Link that in the description bar for you Getting into more details about this job You will be maintaining a positive Empathetic and professional attitude Towards clients and team members at all Times and you will be responding Promptly to customer inquiries and Communicating with customers through Various channels you do need to have the Ability to call and video chat with Customers about products and services This shop is going to offer competitive Pay remote work of course and growth Opportunities and the base pay for this Job is 75k you can however make up to 250k and of course that's going to be Based on your sales you will get Benefits and paid time off you're going To have a Monday through Friday's Schedule you do need to have some Weekend availability and they have bonus Pay and commission pay shop does not Have a long application at all so

Definitely go ahead and check it out if You're interested in applying if you Guys have any questions or comments Leave those below and you know I wish You the best of luck thank you so much For watching and I'll see you guys in my Next video

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