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Foreign [Music] I hope you're having a marvelous Monday It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back with Another overnight work from home job Y'all have been requesting the night Jobs and you know I've been honest with Y'all I'm like Hey look it's not that Easy but guess what I have a night job And it's an overnight job now this is For a tech support role so you do have To be confident with navigating Technology and other than that it has Really simple requirements so just about Everyone who is tech savvy would be Eligible to do this job so we're gonna Go ahead and get into all the details But first things first please make sure You hit that subscribe button and you Tap the notification Bell and select all Notifications for my channel so that you Can hear about the latest work from home Hot leads that's all I share on this Channel that's all we ever talk about And a lot of folks have gotten hired and That could be you too but you gotta have It locked in so that you can hear about These leads and on that note we are Ready to jump in Alright so today's hot overnight work From home job comes from a company Called concentrix I've shared concentrix On my channel several times okay they

Are not new around here we know about Them but in case you don't know about Them they hire in a number of locations And I've been getting questions about You know can you share jobs for Canada Or Jamaica or the Philippines this Company hires in those countries so I Will leave the link to this page that I'm on this is their General careers Page and you can select your country and See what they have available for you now Today's hot lead is for 35 U.S locations And I will show you the drop down and You might want to just pause the screen See if your state is listed but you do Need to live in one of these states to Be eligible and this is for Concentrics's work at home overnight Customer service and Technical Support Advisor position they posted this last Week and when I scrolled down here they Let us know that the base pay is 15 per Hour however it may be higher based on Position and so you can use that as a Jumping off point but you know you'll Make at least fifteen dollars per hour Also they may provide equipment and Chances are they will especially since This is a tech support role they say That a work computer may be provided Depending on the position offered but is Not guaranteed specific requirements Will be discussed in depth with a Recruiter so if that's something that

You're looking for in a position you Want them to provide you equipment They're saying that they will let you Know once you start talking to a Recruiter a hiring manager whomever and They'll let you know if it is included So you'll know all that before you say Yes to this role but you know that's Good to know because it's always helpful When the company gives us what we need For our home office so so jumping on in Here it says summary concentrix is an Award-winning global company recognized For our culture diversity leadership and Innovation we help the world's best Brands to improve their businesses and Better connect with their customers Concentrix is growing and we are looking For talented compassionate people who Are as fanatical about providing Exceptional experiences as we are we are Growing our team of work at home Overnight customer service and Technical Support advisors this is a great Opportunity for you to build a customer Service and Technical Support career What will you do in this role as a Customer service advisor at concentrix You will handle customers via inbound Calls outbound calls or through the Internet assist customers using a call Flow guide to answer questions and solve Problems track document and retrieve Information and databases invest in our

Customer success by offering additional Products and or Services as a technical Support advisor at concentrix you will Resolve technical issues related to Hardware software and client products Provide basic customer service support Be an amazing Problem Solver maintain Broad knowledge of client products and Or services such as smartphones tablets Computers and wearables familiarity with IOS and or Mac operating systems or Comparable technology is preferred who You are as a work at home overnight Customer service and Technical Support Advisor your empathy Integrity knowledge And unique compassionate style will Bring value with every interaction you Also have a high school diploma or GED a Minimum of six months of customer Service experience or technical support Experience flexibility to work between The hours of 6 pm and 8 PM eastern time So these are the hours of this role Y'all so you know that your shift at the Earliest will start at 6 pm at night and That's in the Eastern time zone so you Just want to adjust it if you're in a Different time zone and you can work Till 8 a.m but you know your shift will Fall somewhere within that so it's not From six to eight it's just your shift Will be somewhere in that scope of hours A quiet distraction-free environment to Work from home in your residence talent

For delivering outstanding service Strong computer navigation skills and PC Knowledge high-speed internet and a Smartphone what's in it for you we Invest in our people and teams by Ongoing personal and career development So each career path is Meaningful in This role you will be provided with base Wage fifteen dollars per hour however it May be higher based on position Opportunities for performance incentives And bonuses okay paid training a work Computer may be provided depending on The position offered but is not Guaranteed specific requirements will be Discussed in depth with a recruiter 401K Medical dental vision insurance and an Employee assistance program which Includes free counseling sessions to Support the needs of each team member And much more apply and talk to a Recruiter today and so it says together Let's do something great and it says if You find yourself smiling right now and This feels like the perfect next step in Your career we want to hear from you Apply today and find out why 270 000 plus people around the globe choose To call concentrix home we are proudly One team one company one concentric and We invite you to join us and then they Just talk about their Equal Opportunity Employment statement here which means They don't discriminate for a number of

Legally protected reasons and then down Here it just says that this is a general Overview of what's going to be done in This role and there might be other Duties that aren't explicitly listed Here that might be involved so you know That's typical and then they just have Their eeo statement here again so you Guys this is a really great lead this is A large company you can check out their Glassdoor account if you want more Information and you can see they have 27 1000 reviews they have 2.5 000 interview submissions here like this Is a great place to go if you decide you Want to apply because you can see like Okay well what's the interview gonna be Like and you can hear from folks who've Actually gone through it and get you Know ready for it also the salary so I Love it when Glassdoor accounts are you Know this big and full and all that good Stuff so this is great information for Those of you who like this role now this Is your lead then you want to go ahead And hit that apply Now button but wait Before you go I have some resources for You of course you're going to need a Resume when you apply to this job or any Other job and right now I have a one Dollar trial for my resume and cover Letter software this is for seven days You get access so for one dollar you can Make unlimited resume days and cover

Letters with my software and just to Show you what it looks like you'll go Into the software and you'll you know go Through the steps and then boom you get A beautiful resume at the outcome and What's great about it is you can go into The software and look at your resumes And cover letters that you've created And you can duplicate them and you can Also hit the edit button which is how You can easily customize your existing Resumes so we know we always need to Customize that's why I made this Software because it's one thing to make A resume one good time but when you got To go back in and you gotta change Things and edit it and make sure the Formatting looks good and that stuff is Really a headache but that's what helps Us get hired you don't want to have to Do all that let the remote Resume Builder software do the heavy lifting For you so you can try it out for a Dollar if you decide you want to keep it It's only 37 dollars per month and it Makes cover letters too so you'll know That you're always putting it in the Right format everything you know that You need to include and then boom you Get a beautiful cover letter as the Product so the link will be in the Description box for the one dollar trial And then of course you want to get more Applications in you know you can make

Unlimited resumes and cover letters We'll come to the mega list of jobs There are 485 companies on here that Will hire you to work from home you can Go directly to their careers pages and See what opportunities they have for you To apply to and you can make you know Beautiful resumes and cover letters to Submit to these jobs and it's nice easy And Breezy and then last but not least In the off chance that you don't get Equipment with this job no worries Because I have some of the most Economical computer packages in my Amazon storefront these two computers Have been competing for like how much They can go on sale this is actually the Lowest this package has been so for 122 Dollars you can get just what you need To start working from home the CPU tower Runs Windows 10 Pro a wired keyboard and Mouse and a 19 inch monitor if you want To be fancy okay you like the dual Monitor hookup you can get this for 178 Bucks and these are sold through Amazon So in the off chance it does not work For you you can just return it okay you Can go to the UPS I just did an Amazon Return myself I bought some dresses for This past weekend they didn't work Dropped it off at UPS I'm on my way okay So check out these computers people are Loving them you know 56 Hearts from Folks who have purchased and you can

Also get other equipment for your home Office here so I have a little bit of Everything that you will need to outfit Your home office so check out my Amazon Storefront some Mega list of jobs make Sure you bookmark this and come here Every day so you can find jobs to apply To of course get the trial for my remote Resume Builder so software and get your Application in for this hot overnight Work from home job from concentrix and Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope this has been helpful and I will Talk to you soon bye Thank you

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