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Well hello welcome back to my channel And if it’s your first time here welcome This job is in the operations Department It is remote full time and it is a Marketing operations associate the Company is zometry and they are a public Company you can see here they are public On the NASDAQ and they power the Industries of today and tomorrow by Connecting people with big ideas to the Manufacturers who can bring them to life If you want to know more about the Company feel free to read but I want to Keep it brief your responsibilities will Be as follows support the director of Ops client services and the VP of Marketing services and planning Organizing and coordinating functions Collaborate with it teams to build Streamline systems prepare and process Training materials develop and design Communication collateral build and Optimize reporting dashboards develop Timelines and schedules for Sprints Research opportunities to create Efficiencies review program details and Enter them into the database organize Maintain and manage team intranet order Invoice processing expense uploads and Resource plannings and of course other Projects as needed the requirements from You one to two years experience in Marketing Ops or project management you Know G Suite Asana base camp airtable

Zapierem you can manage multiple tasks In a fast-paced environment you have Self-starter qualities collaborative With eagerness to take on additional Responsibility experience managing and Maintaining process documentation you Can operationalize new processes you Have great communication and people Skills knowledge of SEO PPC experience With hubspots and WordPress as well as Data entry for tools like canva and Adobe stack design agency experience is Preferred but not needed and of course Direct marketing experience with Business to business is also preferred If you do have that so what is in it for You a highly collaborative environment Competitive salary plus comprehensive Benefits medical dental vision commuter Dependent primary and secondary parental Leave 401K options flexible working Hours with unlimited PTO continuous Development meetups conferences online Training stock options and more now they Don’t have a rate of pay here either and Of course every time I go find these Jobs I find the rate of pay first so I’m Going to pop a screenshot onto the Screen to show you guys what I saw for Rate of pay do without what you will if You would like the link to apply for This job you can find it on my website And the link to that will be in the Description box below if this job was

Not for you on your screen are two other Videos I’ve also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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