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Hey hey hey happy Monday evening it is Me Carl I am back with the non phone Work from home job this is an easy one Guys but before I jump in make sure you Guys smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification thumbs up These videos and share on this channel We do real giveaways and we give away Laptops and we’re giving away 10 more Laptop computers they are absolutely Free go spread the word tell a friend Come back leave us a comment don’t Forget to go back and check out all the Videos that were posted on the channel Today make sure you guys go back and Check out their live stream that we Posted on the channel last night 10 Part-time jobs companies are hiring Right now and some of them are skip the Interview make sure you hop over to the Two chicks with the side hustle.com blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni and for tell us let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for and be sure to sign up For Branded surveys people here are Making 15 to 50 in a day the link is Down below in the comments let’s hop in So the company is conduent they are Hiring for their transaction processing Associate one position so let’s scroll On down it says here that you will Provide document review and data entry

Support to our client your assistance Will make a positive difference in the Organization you support you will be Able to provide successful Administration providing Production Services to client operations by Performing administrative tasks such as Data entry document processing and Scanning receiving documents from both Electronic and hard copy form for Accurate processing also processing Documents by following internal Processes and also identifying any gaps In required information Identifying documents and their purpose To create a database of information Providing great customer service Requirements now for this role you will Need a high school diploma or an Equivalent level of Education have legal Authorization to work permanently in the U.S without requiring a Visa transfer or A Visa sponsorship you must be able to Successfully pass a criminal background Check also a drug test must be able to Type a minimum of 20 words per minute so Guys that is very very low And if you can’t type you can always go Over to typingtest.com and practice Practice makes perfect have good I.T Skills and the ability to learn new Systems have a great attention to detail Be organized have the ability to Multitask while adapting to changing

Priorities now this company will pay for The training so if you don’t have any Experience my suggestion would be to Apply anyway let them tell you no don’t Disqualify yourself so this information Is on the non-phone blog and this Company they will provide equipment as Well it’s on the non-phone blog there Will be a link posted right below this Video in the description box so you guys Can check out conduent make sure you Guys do your own research they have been In business for a while so make sure you Guys do your own research make sure you Share my video leave me a comment and Don’t forget to hop over to Facebook Join join join kiss their Q go goodbye While you’re over there make sure you Guys follow us on two chicks with the Side hustle this is our Facebook Business page because we are going to do A laptop giveaway on that page as well So make sure you come over there follow Us and you can start sharing whatever we Have posted tag your friends your family Members let them know what we do over on That platform as well and then follow us On Tick Tock Twitter and also on Instagram two chicks with a side hustle And on Instagram we are going to do a Pop-up giveaway so I can’t tell you guys When we’re going to pop up over there But we are thinking about doing another Giveaway on Instagram so be sure you’re

Following us two chicks with the side Hustle my name is Carl and I’ll catch You wonderful lovely amazing people in The next video bye YouTube

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