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Hello welcome back to my Channel or if It's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe and I do Post daily work From home job lead videos on this Channel so if that is something you are Interested in seeing more of you want to Switch from an office job to an at-home Job click that red subscribe button Below and let me help you get hired Today I have a web chat sales consultant Remote job this is going to be heavily Sales based so I want to put that out Right away they are currently offering a Signing and a retention bonus of three Thousand dollars and a commission Guarantee of 1 000 per month the first Three months with the potential for more So keep that in mind they are two Separate a three thousand dollar and Then a one thousand for the first three Months an additional three thousand so We're looking at a total of six thousand Dollars which is amazing and realistic Average earners earn between 65 to 95 Per year based in commission and they do Have benefits and discounts an Additional thirty dollars in annual Value to your employment they're seeking The best and will recognize you Financially for being the best and it is A web chat sales consultant like I said Remote they do have 7 000 team members Worldwide so for this I do believe that You can be International which is

Amazing and what you will be doing is Handling inbound sales chats from Customers so no cold calling and you Will make follow-up outbound calls and Build lasting relationships but there Will be no incoming calls which I think Is great it's a great fit for you if you Have web chat experience enjoy working From home excellent verbal written Communication skills you're coachable Good with time management and have a Good understanding of World Geography Because there are people all over the World what they offer High competitive Compensation full benefits paid training Opportunity to take a free or discounted Cruise subsidized gym membership Discounts Galore and the pride and Excitement of joining an award-winning Team now to be considered you have to be Able to type 40 plus words per minute Maintain individual sales previous sales Experience with the ability to close on The first call previous call center Experience and flexibility with your Schedules evenings weekends holidays and They want you to be proficient with Basic Computer Applications Microsoft Office Products web Conferencing Windows sound and video and You have that distraction free Environment a space for a desktop Computer you can plug it in you have the Connection Etc I want to do I want to do

Wow I cannot speak I do want to scroll Back up because I remember reading Somewhere that they will give you a Hundred dollars to set up your home Office but now I'm not seeming to find That I don't see it here but I am pretty Sure that they will give you a stipend To also set up your home office So I gotta find that unless I'm looking At it thinking of a different job Okay I'm gonna do some research on this Anyways if you are interested in this Job you can find the link to apply and Give it a shot on my website work from Home with cc.com job leads that will be In the description box below for you Guys if this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've also Posted check those out you might find a Better match for yourself there click my Face to subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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