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Hey guys what is up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time my name is CeCe I post daily Work from home job lead videos and I'm Here to help you make that switch from Working in an office to being able to Work from the comfort of your own home Remotely so if that's your Vibe click That red subscribe button below and let Me help you get hired before the end of This year because time is flying so this First job is a remote Patient Advocate What Drew my attention to this was not Only the 17 per hour but the thousand Dollar sign on bonus the holidays are Coming up everybody's going to be Looking for the extra cash for gifts for Outings for decorations Etc or maybe you want to knock out a Couple of bills before tax season starts Whatever the case might be I think this Could be really really helpful for a lot Of you guys so let's go into the Overview here I'm going to skim through For the sake of keeping the video brief But anything I miss that you would like To know more about definitely Um go back and read everything on your Own time I just want to be a little more Mindful fall of everyone else's time too So the patient advocate is responsible For reviewing and preparing data and Demographics on patients recently Recently discharged from the hospital

Prior to an initial assessment call with A nurse coach so there are going to be More responsibilities here which is why I'm going to skim down to this you'll Collect and document all the required Data on the patients you're responsible For servicing the patients making Incoming calls with questions and or Returning messages with scheduled nurse Coaches you'll understand the timely and Accurate documentation is critical Provide Outreach to patients to check in On non-clinical issue resolution and Escalation participate in and contribute To the performance and process Improvement activities you must be Committed to high quality standards Responsible for speaking with Physicians And coordinating in-home care for the Patients perform other duties as Assigned or required and making sure That you're just participating and Providing feedback when implementing any Process changes based on business needs Evening and weekend coverage may also be Needed it's the qualifications you must Need a high school diploma or GED Equivalent with a minimum of one-year Medical terminology or medical service Expertise required a minimum of two Years Insurance quality improvement or Health Care Ops required demonstrated Ability to gain and build instant Rapport and comfortability with people

Over the phone you have self-confidence Your results driven you have negotiation Skills you have basic spreadsheet word Processing data entry knowledge Etc Experience in a cloud Center is Preferred you will have to have strong Interpersonal and communication skills You are organized and can effectively Manage tasks you embrace the values of Accountability consistency engagement Empowerment respect and outstanding Service you have Um Mission based views with the company Their values and you show that through Your behavior and job performance on the Day-to-day you can convey a strong Professional image you adhere to the Company's HIPAA privacy and you review And adhere to all the company policies Etc so what they are offering of course That 17 per hour pay plus monthly bonus Incentives and you will get health Dental vision contributions to dependent Care with an employer match PTO 401 Savings paid paternal leave free On-demand virtual Fitness training and More and they have tuition reimbursement Advancement opportunities and Professional skills training as well as That thousand dollar sign on bonus so if This is something that interests you I Will have the link to apply to this job On my website work from home with cc.com And that can be found in the description

Box below if this one wasn't for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted with more leads check those Out you might find a better match to Apply to there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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