$25 To $38 Hour Non-Phone Work From Home Job Administrative For Huge Bank | No Degree Needed | USA

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Well welcome back my friends this is Lindsay and I am back with another daily Work from home job lead for you this one Is going to be in the administrative Field it is non-phone but I wanted to Share because it is a very well paying We're gonna dive on in Just note the Link if you're interested in applying to This page it is in the YouTube Description box below this video Hugebank us a bank is hiring an Administrative assistant coordinator now This is full-time remote and it is Remote within the United States only but They are basically looking for somebody To just handle all the administrative Duties of different Executives and teams You'll be assisting with a meeting Coordination and calendar management for Italic leaders you'll actively Participate in planning execution and Post meeting activities for executive Meetings so you'll you'll listen into The meetings you'll capture those a key Discussion some points you'll organize Them and you'll send summaries of the Meetings out after the meetings end You'll maintain up to date on the Organizational charts access and Distribution list you'll coordinate Access and approval for different Hardware like computers and stuff Software and Bank badge access for the Executive team you'll continue to order

And manage the technology and workspace For other staff as well and you'll help Support the Palo Alto office location by Coordinating their team visits team Mills and general office maintenance so You will be scheduling all of that and Managing those calendars now if that Sounds like a task you are up for they Don't require any kind of college degree It just say high school it's diploma or GED and somebody who has five to eight Years of experience in administrative or Support staff activities now that is it As far as that basic required Qualifications they do have have some Preferred skills such as somebody who Can multitask has great attention to Detail of course great communication Skills as someone who can work with a Computer specifically Microsoft Office Applications that's going to be word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote all of Those things and someone who has the Ability to listen understand and use Good judgment in a problem of solving Now pay for this position is always Dependent on location and experience but Pay starts anywhere from 25.96 an hour all the way up to 38 Dollars and eight cents an hour They also offer standard benefit package That includes medical dental vision 401k And paid time all all right if you've Made it to the end of this video I want

To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me as always please feel Free to leave anything specific that You're looking for in the comments or if You have any suggestions on how I could Improve this Channel and job leads for You leave that down below as well and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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