7 NON-PHONE Work From Home Jobs 2023 | Flexible Schedule | No Degree | Up To $107,000 Year

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Happy Friday my friends and welcome back To another work from home job lead video I hope everyone is gearing up to have a Fabulous weekend with your friends and Family but before we get into the Weekend I have a seven Non-phone work from home job leads for You today is just non-phone Friday over Here on this channel of course the links To everything I share are always in the YouTube description box below this video And please if you find any of these job Leads helpful give this video a thumbs Up like button that does give me direct Feedback that I am being helpful to Someone and of course share with all Your friends and family so that we can All work from home living our happiest Healthiest alive having that work life Balance starting off first up we have Reforge hiring a member support Contractor now just because it is a Support role it does not necessarily Mean it is a phone and this one is Non-phone they are looking for people to Support two critical pieces of work Application review and member inquiries Through email so this role is basically Reviewing applications against set Criteria and helping the contractor as Needed and with their simple questions That they submit through email now some Of those questions could be offerings Pricing or just a general questions now

This does offer a little bit of a Flexible schedule they're looking for Someone who is excellent written in Verbal communication skills someone who Has the ability to be a problem solver With a wide range of member challenges Now you need to have the availability of Monday through Thursday at 9am to 12 p.m Pacific time remaining hours outside of That are flexible so a total of 20 hours A week are flexible and this is a Contract temporary position running from Mid-February through the end of April we Are already at February 3rd so get those Applications in this is for my United States folks only real quickly a few Things to note all of these positions Are for my United States folks only and Just a reminder I don't work for any of These companies I simply share what I Find online so outside of the Information included in these I don't Have any additional information Moving right along the Public Health Institute is an independent non-profit Organization dedicated to promoting Health well-being and quality of life Throughout California now they are Hiring an administrative assistant Although they are hiring Nationwide Within the United States as an Administrative assistant you'll route And track agreement signatures and Ensure each agreement is fully executed

By authorized assigners you'll draft and Send correspondents to internal and External parties you'll dispatch Purchase orders in the PeopleSoft Software as needed you'll assist the CRA Team with a data entry and maintenance In the Salesforce system as well as the PeopleSoft system you'll assist with Distributing letters to Outsider parties And you'll work with technical support To identify and analyze root causes of User issues now they are looking for Someone who is four years of Administrative or contracts management Experience and someone who is a high School diploma or equivalent outside of That they need someone who has great Organizational skills can be a Multi-tasker great a problem solving Skills a great written communication Skills and the ability to work Independently now they do pay very well If that is you full pay range is Anywhere from 24.59 an hour on the low end all the way Up to 34.62 cents an hour on the high end and They say they typically pay the Mid-range of around about 29.60 Sense to start out now does everyone Know the gas station Sheets if you do They're hiring a social media Coordinator this is a temporary position It is for remote candidates only living

In seven states they are listed right Here but as a social media coordinator You'll assist in managing all of the Sheets social media platforms with Multiple daily updates including Uploading photos sharing blog links and Recruiting updates you'll also assist in The development of social media content Calendar deciding what to post a win You'll help assist in developing Brainstorming and implementing a Comprehensive social media strategies Including incentives and giveaways you Get to help come up with giveaways for Sheets that just sounds too cool to me You will assist with the development of Recruiting marketing materials and Advertise on their social media page the Job opportunities that they have Available now of course they prefer Someone who has a bachelor's degree or Is working towards a bachelor degree in A marketing or Communications they are Looking for someone who has great Editing and proofreading skills strong Skills and Microsoft Office and is great With all the social media things like Facebook Tick Tock Instagram and Linkedin moving right along we have the Company text us they are looking for a Product trainer or e-learning developer So this means developing training Materials Now text us it delivers Self-paced online courses that train

Their customers on how to successfully Implement and use their products they Are looking for someone to develop and Maintain these online training courses And materials for their software Platform including making self-guided Tutorials interactive e-learning Supporting a customer onboarding in user Education and product adoption your Manager maintain their learning Management system which is LMS for Learning management system we use LMS Where I work as well you'll create Training videos for their software Platform including writing the video Scripts recording the screen captures Editing and adding voiceovers so Basically what I'm doing here on this Channel my face is not on there other Than on the thumbnails you literally are Just working with the screen and a Microphone you'll collaborate with Subject matter experts across the Company to gain a deep understanding of Their products to make the processes as Simple now they are looking for someone Who has three years experience in Creating some kind of online training Videos if you have some kind of YouTube Experience I would include that in your Resume for this it's experience Scripting or producing or editing videos Someone who has the ability to grasp Technical Concepts someone who has a

Great verbal and written communication Skills a great organizational skills and Problem problem solving skills now this One does pay fairly well it's anywhere From sixty five thousand dollars a year All the way up to eighty thousand Dollars a year now on top of that they Do offer a standard benefit package that Includes Health dental vision 401K paid Time off they also provide cell phone And internet reimbursement up to a Hundred dollars a month and they give You a one-time thousand dollars to get Your home office set up so even if they Don't provide the computer equipment for You with a thousand dollars you can buy Your own computer next up we have a Truly data entry job now this one is a Temporary contractor role but Civic plus Is hiring a data entry operator now this Is remote it says Nationwide within the United States it does not look like they Have any state restrictions but they are Looking for someone to work on the Execution of inbound lead cleaning to The handoff of their sales team you'll Maintain the Integrity of their CRM a Database ensuring the info information Stays up to date and accurate you'll Continue to add data to their pool of Accounts and contracts for their sales Team to prospect via targeted data Acquisition and then you assign accounts And create leads for the account

Managers they are looking for someone Who already has a working knowledge of Salesforce or some a CRM system that is Similar to that someone who has an Understanding of qualified leads someone Who can do research and identify Information for count and contract Creation now this is a 1099 independent Contractor role the contract length is The through June 30th of 2023 and Unfortunately they did not list pay You'll have to ask at the time of the Interview next up if you're looking for Something a little bit different share Care is hiring a freelance fact checker For nutrition now I don't know about Y'all but I am big on nutrition and Fitness here lately the older I get the More I start or to research things like That it was never an interest of mine Before but for some reason our Preferences change over the years so but That is something you are into they are Looking for a freelance contractor to Help ensure that the nutrition Information across the share care Products that they are sharing is Accurate and up to date the fact Checker Will work directly with the medical Review team that handles the different Types of content including articles Slideshows videos and question and Answers so this is a part-time role and The hours are flexible but you must give

A minimum of five hours a per week now It does say hourly rate is dependent on Experience so they do not have that Published in the job description but They're basically looking for you to Review copies of videos related to Health Nutrition Fitness or other topics And verify that the content is accurate And up to date you'll review sources and Research citations to provide Alternatives if necessary necessary and You'll suggest edits and changes if it Is not correct now it doesn't actually Say that they require a degree this says They prefer a bachelor degree in Nutritional related field however they Do want someone who is a registered Dietitian so I'm assuming being a Registered dietitian will require a Degree so just know that this requires Some kind of a bachelor degree they're Looking for someone who is a background In nutrition who is great with Microsoft Office and who has a prior experience Reviewing or editing documents and last But not least we have the company splice Hiring a catalog manager now again this Is remote within the United States that They are looking for someone to Basically upload and assign descriptive Tags to a wide range of creative assets Of release on splice sounds including Audio samples VST presets and MIDI files You'll collaborate with Phil fellow team

Members the two cross-function Stakeholders to make sure launch day Goes smooth on new content you'll Perform a quality review of both Incoming and existing content from third Parties to make sure they're adhering to Splices guidelines you'll provide Technical feedback to both internal and External stakeholders and you'll build And maintain processes to track the Content pipeline now they do require Three years of relevant work experience And some kind of music production if Someone has an understanding of audio Processing a familiarity using audio Samples midi and virtual software Plugins so if you've been a DJ or Something before this might be right up Your alley someone who has a wide Knowledge of musical instruments a Comprehensive understanding of music Genres of course you've got to be Organized and self-motivated now if you Have a musical background this job pays Extremely well of course pays always Dependent on location and experience but This one starts out anywhere from eighty Two thousand five hundred dollars a year All the way up to a hundred and seven Thousand five hundred dollars a year if You've made it to the end of this video With me I want to say it thank you so so So so so much for hanging with me Through all that I know I can get

Long-winded through some of these I hope You have a fabulous fabulous weekend of Course as always if these job leads were Not for you that is okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for you can Leave any education and experience that You have because I am always reading Those and keeping that in mind when I am Searching for job leads to share I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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