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Hey hey hey happy Thursday Two chicks Fam it's me Carl I am back with a Non-phone part-time high paying work From home job but before I jump in if You are new to our Channel welcome make Sure you smash that red subscribe button Turn on that Bell notification make sure You guys thumbs up these videos and make Sure you share on this channel guys we Do real giveaways we are giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers they are Absolutely free to you guys so go spread The word go tell a friend be sure to Come back leave us a comment now we did A live stream last night and we talked About 10 Bank jobs that are hiring right Now so make sure you guys go back check Out the video and make sure you share And then you want to hop over to the two Chicks with asidehustle.com blog look Under the spotlight job section guys Make sure you apply for Omni and also For tell us and don't forget to let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for now if you're looking For these non-phone jobs make sure you Check them out on the non Phoneworkathome.com blog and don't Forget guys to sign up for Branded Surveys easy peasy survey site the link Is in the comments let's get into this Awesome video so the company is Yelp and Y'all better hurry up and run and apply

Because the last time we posted yep on This channel it went fast so this is Another one they are looking to feel Their B2B or business to business social Media specialist part-time work from Home position now it says here guys that You will handle the day-to-day Management and growth of yep for Restaurants the corporate social media Presence across the Instagram The Tick Tock the Twitter the Facebook the YouTube and the link in now that that is A lot of social media platforms to be Handling you should have a direct Knowledge of the B2B social landscape And a passion for building communities Of business owners online for and for Creating engaging content now this is a Unique opportunity to join a growing Social media team contribute to yes Growth growth and be a part of yelp's First internal startup now we are Seeking a long-term 25 to 29 hours per Week Specialists to support the efforts This is a part-time role based in the U.S so I'm guessing guys that you can Live anywhere in the USA I didn't see Any state restrictions listed here now Where you come in you will manage the Yelp for restaurants content calendar For Instagram Tick Tock Twitter Facebook LinkedIn including the copywriting and The visual asset creation so this sounds Like a straightforward type of job you

Will handle the day-to-day posting of Content and social Community Interactions and conversations on the Yelp for restaurants Instagram Tick Tock Twitter Facebook and the LinkedIn Pages You will moderate and respond to Comments on organic and paid posts Across all social Pages you will also Identify Trends and conversations in the Restaurant space for Content creation Opportunities you will also utilize Social listening sentiment tools to Recommend enhancements to the Yelp for Restaurants social strategy you will Work closely with the Yelp for Restaurants marketing team to sync Social content with the new articles Events in person and virtual and Campaign themes you know how to run paid Social campaigns what it takes to Succeed bachelor's degree journalism Communication English or relevant Professional experience you have three Plus years of direct hands-on experience Supporting the B2B social priorities Properties I'm sorry in a corporate Environment you have experience with B2B Social media copywriting and also asset Coordination for multiple accounts you Have video Centric social experience With channels such as Instagram YouTube Tick Tock Etc you have experience with Community Management you have a creative At heart with the ability to contribute

To social media content now I do see Here guys the compensation range is 25 To 32 dollars per hour so again the Company is Yelp and they are looking to Feel their B2B social media specialist Part-time position with the 25 to 29 Hours per week is what they're looking For long-term compensation 25 to 32 Dollars per hour now this one guys it is Posted over on the non-phone blog and I Will be sure to leave a direct link post It right below this video in the Description box so you guys guys can Check out this company make sure you Guys do your own research go over to Google type in Yelp if you have not Heard of yet before you might need to Know something about the company just in Case you get an interview and guys you Will hear me say this quite often you Want to be prepared and not surprised so What I mean by this if you are going to Apply for this job go over to Google put In yep put in Yelp reviews see what Comes up go to their home page get some Information off of their home page go to The about section grab some information About the company jot it down on a piece Of paper because you just may get an Email or a phone call to do an interview And you want to have that information Directly in front of you just in case You get asked that question so again you Want to be prepared and not surprised

Make sure you guys share my awesome Video with your friends family members Put it on some Facebook groups sticking On some of these social media platforms Be sure to come back guys and leave us That comment because otherwise we won't Know that you guys have shared the video So make sure you guys do that and then You want to hop on over to Facebook join Us join us join us the name of our group It is kiss that cubicle goodbye and we Have posted guys a plethora of jobs over In the group the group has been going Since 2019 so you can imagine how many Jobs we have posted over in that group And we do have a gentleman posting jobs In the group five days a week so make Sure you guys hop on over there because Some of the jobs that we talk about on This YouTube channel they may or may not Be posted in the group and vice versa so You want to be well-rounded on all the Things that we have going on with this Platform and while you're on Facebook Guys be sure be sure be sure to follow Us on our two chicks with a side hustle Business page because on this platform We are giving away two additional brand New laptop computers again they are Absolutely free to you guys so come on Over there we are trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers you guys can Share the page share the platform or you Can share what we have posted or you can

Tag your friends or your family members On the post so that is just another way Of sharing the content and we do have Some subscribers that are faithful and We really do appreciate each and every Single one of you for sharing this Content and getting this great Information out to the masses don't Forget guys to follow us on our other Social media platforms Tick Tock Twitter And also Instagram and it is two chicks With the side hustle now on Instagram We're doing a pop-up giveaway between Now and the end of December and you guys Never know what we're going to give away I don't even know where we're going to Give away it could be a laptop it could Be a keyboard a mouse pad a mug a two Chicks with a side hustle t-shirt just Be sure to hop on over there share us on Your stories create some funny reels About what we do on the platform and be Sure to tag your people your friends and Your family members my name is Carol I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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