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Foreign Hey welcome everyone my name is Shea From dreamhomebasework.com if you've Been searching online for legitimate Data entry jobs or typing jobs that you Can do from home you're just not sure Which ones are legit then you will want To learn more about the online typing Data entry jobs that I will share with You today we have thoroughly researched These companies none of these companies Charge fees so let's Dive Right In and See which companies are looking for Typists to work from home First I would like to share a free Resource typingtest.com so you guys can Check out your typing speed and also Practice typing and improving your Typing speed I love working on this Website especially when I'm bored and I Just need something to do you know you Just go on type out the passage that They have available right here to get Your current typing speed when you are Diving into data entry typing Transcription jobs it is really Important that you have a decent typing Speed so I would recommend aiming for at Least 50 to 70 words per minute or more You know if you can type more than 70 Words per minute it will definitely give You a great chance of Landing a data Entry transcription job That you can do from home so I'm just

Going to finish up this test here you Know I I am a little Dusty as far as my Typing so let me finish up this test and Then I will show you my results So here are my results from Typingtest.com it looks like they have Clocked me in at 48 words per minute it Looks like I was at 51 words per minute But I had a 94 accuracy so they do take That in consideration first so Definitely check out typingtest.com to Practice and brush up on your skills The first company that I would like to Share with you is episodes this company Is a leading provider of software and Solutions for health plans and medical Groups as a data entry associate for This company you will be responsible for Entering Healthcare diagnosis data To improve accurate claim submissions That are you know submitted to the Health Care organizations you know you Want to make sure you review the Information make sure it is accurate Before you are entering it into their Database now for this role it is a Full-time position Paying 17 to 18 dollars per hour you Will only need a high school diploma and At least one year of experience in data Entry so definitely go ahead and apply The next company that I would like to Share with you is accutrine global now This is a Canadian company that offers

Work at home typing jobs or data entry Jobs in transcription across the U.S the UK as well as Canada you will need a Typing speed of at least 70 words per Minute and the pay rate for this job is Anywhere between four cents to 55 per Word or 40 Cent per audio minute the Next online typing job that I would like You guys to check out is scribby scribby Hires freelance independent contractors For data entry as well as transcription Work you will handle typing tasks such As listening to the audio from Interviews lectures conference calls YouTube videos Podcasts dictations and then you will Basically type out what you hear now They pay anywhere from five to twenty Dollars per audio hour you will need a Verified PayPal account and you must Have good English skills when it comes To equipment you will need a reliable Laptop or desktop computer with internet Connection as well as a pair of Headphones or headset in order to Complete the work so definitely check Out scribby for legitimate online typing Jobs the next company that I would like To share with you is go transcript now This company hires transcribers to work From home worldwide you will basically Listen to audio files and type out the Content now they are actively looking For people you know they offer a

Competitive Pay you know it really depends on your Skill level you can earn up to 60 Cent Per audio or video minute the average Person earns around 150 dollars per Month the top people earn around twelve Hundred dollars per month go transcript Will offer weekly pay as well as the Option to work your own schedule and Choose your own projects you will also Get great support from their support Team so if this company sounds ideal to You and this is something that you would Like to explore definitely check out Their official website they have some Languages here that they are accepting As well as frequently asked questions on Their official site so I'll make sure I Leave a direct link to their careers Page for you to apply the next company That I would like to share with you is Sick track now sick track hires Freelance data entry agents to to work From home only in the U.S You will need a window space or Mac Computer with high-speed internet and an Additional monitor they will conduct a Skype interview so be prepared to send In a three to five second video of your Driver's license so they can verify that You reside in the U.S they do not hire In California or Massachusetts and you Will need a PayPal account in order to Receive payments another company that

You guys can check out is quick tape This company hires independent Contractors to transcribe voicemails Memos letters legal files medical files Phone calls conference calls and other Audio files these files may be in Different languages like English French And Spanish so if you have knowledge of Another language then that is a plus you Will need to pass a background check and Also sign a HIPAA agreement The next website that I would like to Share with you is flex jobs it is a Trusted website that has you know data Entry jobs posted weekly you know you Can be able to find tons of different Remote data entry jobs since the Companies that I shared before are very Competitive as far as who they hire the Downside to using Flex jobs is that it Is a paid service you know you are Paying a monthly fee you know it costs Around fifteen dollars for each month But if you pay a year up front you will End up paying around four dollars per Month I honestly feel like this site is Worth it you know when they do all the Dirty work for you they scour the Internet for the real active work at Home job listings for data entry you Know you want to find the current Companies that are currently looking for People to give you the best chance of Landing the job so I do recommend

Checking out Flex jobs they provide Webinars as well so you can get help With your resume as well as preparing For interviews so it is definitely worth The monthly fee so I'll leave a link Below so you can check out and sign up On their website I really hope you guys Enjoyed this video don't forget to give It a thumbs up as well as share with Your family and friends that may be Looking for a typing data entry job that They can do from home I wish you guys Nothing but the best take care You are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guide 20 Beginner friendly ways to make money Online with 150 companies I made sure That I did all the research for you guys I researched over 150 companies that you Guys can be able to sign up with apply With also you'll be able to learn Different ways to avoid scams how to Identify if a company is legitimate or Not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a teen stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you just wanted to Transition to working from home so make Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys

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