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Happy Tuesday two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with a high paying Work from home job but before I jump in Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job side gig or hustle You guys are looking for be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification make sure you Guys thumbs up these videos and share Sharing is caring on this YouTube Channel help us get to 100 000 subscribers before the end of the Year we have recently purchased 10 more Brand new laptop computers and we're Going to give those away to you guys so Make sure you guys share go tell a Friend spread the word be sure to come Back and leave us a comment down below Don't forget to go back check out the Videos that were posted on this channel Yesterday make sure you guys hop over Here to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section get Omni Interactions in your basket and make Sure you guys sign up for branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comments section and if you are looking For non-phone jobs be sure to check them Out over on the Non-phoneworkathome.com blog let's get Into the video so the company is called Very vest and they are looking to feel Their customer support specialist Position now it says guys in this role

As our customer support specialist you Will become the face of very best Platform as our product expert and Champion you will work directly with Users including investment managers Investors and internal stakeholders via Email online chat and phone to address Inbound questions troubleshoot issues And provide product support you will Collaborate with our product team and Customer success managers to write and Maintain content for our support library With a view to increase self-service and Overall product adoption this role is a Great opportunity to build valuable Hands-on experience in a software Startup and expand your product support Skills with Pathways to grow across the Team into areas such as technical Support or customer success and they do Have a list of core values here act with Integrity Embrace complexity deliver Excellence on the outcome now Responsibilities feel online chat email And phone based product support Inquiries from external and internal Users taking ownership of issues and Working towards timely Solutions you Would work directly with investors via Screen share to guide them through the Investing process on behalf of our Clients and collecting reviewing Documentation for a credit accreditation Verification

Partner with our technical support Engineer to escalate issues including Writing well-researched bug tickets to Support our QA and Engineering teams to Solve issues efficiently be a client Advocate by engaging with product and Engineering teams to suggest new product Features based on feedback you will Write edit and maintain the product Support Library collaborate with various Internal teams contribute towards Cross-functional initiatives to further Develop our support of clients develop And refine Internal Documentation Processes and procedures now they do Have some skills and qualifications Listed guys previous experience and a Product support role ideally in a saas Environment or SAS environment Experience providing product support to Users with mixed levels of computer Literacy ability to work West Coast Support hours Monday to Friday I don't See any weekends listed your son someone That is tech savvy with experience with Intercom this is a plus Stellar written And variable communication skills Demonstrate assertiveness and Perseverance when resolving client Requests team first attitude high level Of empathy and passion for helping Others strong troubleshooting problem Solving and analytical ability Experience aptitude or interest in

Writing product support content now I do See here the pay is 28.85 to 3269 per hour this one is Posted on the two chicks blog there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company again the company is Entitled very vest and they are looking To fear their customer support Specialist position the rate of pay is 28.85 to 32.69 and this is a full-time Work from home job so make sure you guys Do some research about very best go over Over to Google and type in the company's Name check out the reviews get some Information about the company jot down The information before you apply this Way guys if you get an interview you Will already have that information Readily available and you want to be Prepared and not surprised because you Just might get asked what do you know About very vest when was this company Founded and you want to have the answers Already jotted down on a piece of paper Make sure you share this video guys with Your friends and family members help us Get to a hundred thousand subscribers Before the end of the year we're trying To give away 10 more brand new laptop Computers again guys they are absolutely Free and we give away the computers and The laptops on this YouTube channel guys Based off of the shares so share like

There is no tomorrow tell a friend Invite your friends your family members Over here and tell them to subscribe to Our Channel as well or you you guys can Take the link and create a post on your Social media platforms and direct your Friends and family members back over Here to the channel then you want to hop Over to Facebook if you have not done so Be sure to join us kiss the cubicle Goodbye that is the name of our Facebook Group while you're on Facebook make sure You follow us over on our Facebook Business page the business page it is Two chicks with the side hustle guys Because on that page we are giving away Two additional laptop computers and Again absolutely free anybody can win Just make sure you hop over there you Follow the page and then you start Tagging your friends your family members On the post or you can simply click Where it say share under the post and Share the information to your Facebook Business page or your Facebook personal Page you can write something about us Share the links redirect your people Over to that page to follow us as well We already have some of our subscribers Over there following us on their Platform we're trying to get to a Hundred thousand followers over on their Platform guys and we are right around 50 Some thousand followers right now I

Believe it's 52 000 followers right now So be sure to go spread the word tell a Friend about what we are all about make Sure that they follow us on their Platform tag them in the post that is a Form of sharing and then you want to Follow us on tick tock on Twitter and on Instagram two chicks with a side hustle Now on Instagram guys we are doing Another giveaway so we got a lot of Giveaways going on with this brand so Make sure you guys pop over to Instagram Follow us on Instagram check out some of The things that we have posted over There tag your friends and family Members on the post guys it won't hurt For you to tag now just takes a couple Of minutes for you to tag like the Videos like the reels like the stories All of that good stuff and be sure to Create ate some stories about what we do Put us in your story or create a real About us that is another form of sharing My name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video Bye YouTube

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