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Foreign [Music] If your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you guys are having a Marvelous Monday I am back with another Hot work from home opportunity I Actually have a few that I'm gonna share From a new to this channel company and If you are cool with doing customer Service or you're more interested in Tech support maybe you don't really like Talking on a phone then you're gonna Enjoy these leaves now I will also point Out that one of the tech support roles Has really rare late night early morning Hours this job starts at 3 30 a.m and it Goes until about noon so if you're Someone who wants to like knock out your Work early okay like you don't mind Waking up at the hour then you're going To want to hear about it so we'll get Into all the details but first things First please make sure you hit that Subscribe button and you tap the Notification Bell this is the place to Be if you want to work from home I share Hot leaves every single weekday and you Never know when I'm gonna just drop Multiple leads so that's why you have to Have your notifications on and once you Take care of that business we'll be Ready to jump in all right so let's go Ahead and jump in today's hot lead comes From a new to this channel company

Called Renaissance and this company is In the education industry and I'm gonna Scroll down just so you can kind of see What they have going on but we can also Check out their glass store and you can See that this is a large company Renaissance Learning has at least a Thousand one employees all the way to 5 000 and they've been in business since 1986 so new to me maybe not to some of Y'all but hey I love it I love coming Across these new companies to share now Jumping on into the leads so first I'm Going to give you guys a rundown on what Leads they have just so you know and Then I will get into the details of the Overnight tech support role which is the Main one that I will share now they have A customer support representative one Position and this opportunity pays 17 Per hour it is available Usy and to qualify for this role you Only need a high school diploma a Minimum of one year experience in a Related field or equivalent combination Of education and experience so they tell You you get bonus points if you have College coursework call center Experience familiarity with PC Application and Spanish fluency These Are nice to have you don't have to show Up with them and this opportunity he Offers paid training paid time off you Get you know 13 paid holidays 401K with

Company match like all that really good Stuff that you know we need because We're grown and this is your typical Customer service role so you would need To be okay with talking on the phone You'll be chatting and emailing and You'll answer questions and troubleshoot Tier one issues on supported operating Systems in browsers and that's what You'll be doing in this role so if you Like this lead I'll put in the Description box but let's go on to the Two tech support roles and take a look At those all right so jump on into the Tech support specialist positions there Are two of them now both of these leads Pay in the same range at the bottom here They mentioned that it starts off at 46 400 per year and it can go up to 69 500 Per year and that range is based off of Market data and then of course you know Experience plays into that now of course I ran over to Glassdoor because I wanted To know what someone was making and they Only had one salary submitted for the Tech specialist role they also had Tech Rep but sometimes companies classify Those as two different things so for the Tech specialist role someone is making 52 000 per year so that just gives you An idea on where you might want to come In at so you know up to you what you Decide to do now this opportunity says That the hours are 8 to 4 30 Central

Time and because of the other lead being Overnight or early in the morning Whichever one you would want to call it I'm not sure if they're saying this is 8 Pm to 4 30 a.m or if they're saying 8 A.M to 4 30 p.m they don't specify now Both of these are the same except the Hours specified are different you see That they're looking for someone who can Work 3 30 a.m to 12 p.m Central Standard Time in the second Tech specialist role So if both of these are you know of Interest to you the hours because They're the exact same lead then I would Put my application in for both so that They know that you're open to different Hours now both of these leads have the Same requirements to qualify you need Three years of experience as a support Representative the ability to get along Well with others and collaborate Effectively as you work towards a common Goal an understanding of software file Structure and the ability to analyze and Interpret databases a demonstrated Ability to learn complex querying Software proficiency with operating Systems and devices supported for use With Renaissance software and you get Bonus points if you have three years of Experience at their company doing tech Support and a programming background so This this lead and the other ones all Come with the same really great benefit

And as far as what you're doing you're Going to be assisting internal Representatives and customers on Renaissance software issues and working With engineering to document and address Issues so if you notice they don't Mention anything about a phone so Everything that they mention is just About you know researching testing Logging you know solving issues but There's no phone mentioned so the tech Support roles look to be non-phone which Is awesome they're going to pay you well It's just the only catch is if you have Never done you know any sort of support Type role and they don't specify if it Was tech support or if it was some sort Of like customer service with a little Tech involved you can interpret that the Way you want to but you do need at least Three years it's a hard requirement that They have so if any of these are your Lead then you can apply by hitting the I'm interested button and it'll take you To the application now last but Certainly not least I can't just leave You guys on that note I have a couple of Resources that I want to point you guys Attention to the First Resource that I Will point you guys to is my free Mega List of jobs over on my website Remoteworklife.com now this is a list of Companies that are known to hire you to Work from home there are 485 companies

On this list currently and if you are Interested in doing something maybe in Education or you know something like Along these lines and tech support or Customer service you can actually search This list for some companies that do Just that so if we were interested in Doing like tech support we could type in Tech and you can see all the companies That come up and there are 32 companies That come up for that but we know just About every company offers tech support Roles so you can could even just decide I'm gonna just go through all of these Companies and you can go directly to Their careers pages and see what they Have available for you to apply to this Is how people are getting interviews This is how people are landing jobs so Don't let this miss you okay come over Here the link is in the description box Below make sure you bookmark this page And come over here every day there's Plenty of companies that you can find And you know you'll be able to apply to Jobs now the next resource that I will Point y'all to is my Amazon storefront If you are in need of Home equipment Like you'll want just what you need to Get going then you're definitely going To be interested in the computer Packages that I have listed now I have Something for everyone's budget and you Guys this is the cheapest I have seen

This computer it's usually really Reasonable this is on sale right now for A hundred and twenty six bucks the 19 Inch monitor the C epu tower that runs Windows 10 Pro and the wired keyboard And mouse this is what you need to get Started working from home this meets Companies minimum requirements if you Need dual monitors this one is 250 Dollars it's on sale usually it's like 255 a little bit more so hey anything we Can save is amazing and all of these are Sold and shipped from Amazon so you Don't have to worry about you know if it Doesn't work for you you can just send It right on back to Amazon and you know We know how to deal with Amazon so come Over to my Amazon storefront I have a Lot of stuff you can also get headsets So you could get the whole computer Hookup and you could get you a cute Headset you know they've got I've got a Pink one a white one okay if you're like Hey I just need what I need this one is 14 bucks and it's cute too and so for Under 200 and you'll even have some Money to spare you will have your home Office set up so check out my Amazon Storefront the link is in the Description box below along with the Link to the mega list of jobs and of Course these three hot work from home Opportunities from Renaissance Learning So thank you so much for watching I

Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye

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