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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you today's job lead Is from the company customer dot IO they Are working in the email Solutions field For different businesses they are hiring A deliverability specialist to work Remote now we'll get all into it but it Does say that you can work whenever so Such a flexible schedule you can set Your own schedule and wherever so it Seems like they hire a worldwide that You want to just know if you're Interested in applying the link to this Page to put your application in is Always in the YouTube description box Below this video you may have to hit the Little more simple to open up the box to See all of the description to get to the Link but their deliverability specialist Is like technical support some of the Things they're looking for you to do is To actually do some technical support You'll answer Frontline deliverability Relay related support request and act as A resource for their technical support Engineer team you'll help conduct In-depth investigations reviews and Audits into email sending practices You'll help customers with dedicated IP Setup and monitor a warning progress You'll complete Outreach so you identify Senders of emails who are not compliant With their anti-spam policy and work

With the customers to correct those Issues you'll assist customers with Setting up block lists spam traps Different issues with individual isps And of course you'll have to stay up to Date on the industry Trends and legal Requirements because they are running a Email sending delivery service good news Is they're not requiring any kind of College degree they're looking for Somebody who's worked in a company doing Technical support or deliverability Support before or another customer Facing role so some kind of customer Support experience but technical support Is better if you have a background in Software as a solution or have worked For email sending providers in the past That's a plus for you and will get you To the top of the line of course they're Also looking for somebody who's Experienced communicating with marketers In a technical capacity if this sounds Like something you're interested in they Are paying 75 000 a year they offer a Paid time off medical dental vision 401K All of the standard benefits but they're Also going to give you up to two Thousand dollars home office stipend to Get your office set up so if you don't Have computer equipment or good computer Equipment you can use that money to buy You updated computer equipment they're Also going to give you up to 200 a month

To pay your internet and cell phone Bills and again they offer flexible Schedule it says work when you want to As long as you have a reliable internet Connection and you can work a few Overlapping hours that overlap with your Managers of course so you can work with Your manager but other than that you can Work where and when you want to please Note that if you go through the Interview process and you're selected as A final candidate for this position you Will have to undergo a background check All right if you've made it to the end Of this video I want to say thank you so So much for watching and supporting me As always please feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for I do read those and Keep that in mind and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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